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“Sirius” Integration project: Data migration in Serbia



2019 – 2021

OTP Bank



MINDSPIRE’s own data migration methodology, including templates, standards and principles related to banking data migration conceptual design, logical and physical mapping, data migration specific testing, documentation, reporting, error handling and cutover planning.

“Sirius” Integration project: Data migration in Serbia project’s scope and targets

After acquiring Vojvodanska Banka, OTP continued the expansion in Serbia with the merger of Société Générale Serbia (OBSR).

Smooth transition and integration of the IT architecture and operation of the two entities required migration of data from OBSR’s core and satellite systems into PUB2000 (Vojvodanska banka’s CBS).

Similar to the preceding integration project, due to the high volume and criticality of data, an automated, documented and audit-proof banking data migration process was to be designed and implemented.

Banking data migration in Serbia scope and targets
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Our main contribution to the banking data migration project

Conceptual level analysis and creation of the banking data migration strategy, including dataset scope, process design, and data migration implementation roadmap.

Setup and parameterisation of our in-house developed banking data migration solution, the MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool.

Logical and physical level mapping of the automated transformation process of each main datasets.

Supporting banking data migration technical and business testing by executing data migration transformation process, providing test data, error reports, documentation and bug-fixing.

Supporting rollout planning and execution of live data migration process.

Methodological support, end-to-end coordination and Quality Assurance during the “Sirius” Integration project: Data migration in Serbia project.

Project organization and roles

The MINDSPIRE data  migration team worked in close cooperation with OTP’s Hungarian and Serbian teams, as an integrated part of the Data Migration Workgroup.

The Data Migration Workgroup also consisted of both banks’ business and IT experts, coordinated by dedicated PMO members.

MINDSPIRE delegated its own Project Manager during the “Sirius” Integration project: Data migration in Serbia project, who was responsible for end-to-end data migration coordination, including in addition to the transformation, source system extraction and target system upload processes.

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Banking Data Migration Toolset

MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool: A ready to use application designed, developed and operated by MINDSPIRE Consulting for supporting setup, execution, monitoring and documentation of the transformation process and ensures a fast, highly automated and audit-proof banking data migration.

JIRA application for tracking DELTA development tasks and cooperation between MINDSPIRE’s business and IT experts.

Our main involvement areas in the Data migration in Serbia project

  • Banking Data Migration Strategy and Roadmap preparation
  • Implementation and execution of the transformation process
  • Post data migration support
  • End-to-end coordination
  • Quality Assurance

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • End-to-end Project Management
  • Banking Data Migration Expert
  • Data Migration analysts
  • Technical analysts
  • Development support
  • Quality Assurance
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Our Clients Said

Rostislav Zdravkov

Rostislav Zdravkov

MIG WG Leader

“MS is a company that highly cares about performing as a team and vendor partner to produce excellence for their clients. They demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism while providing high quality Migration services throughout the execution of Odessos project for merging two of the biggest Bulgarian banks – EXB and DSK.”

Predrag Vasić

Predrag Vasić

Member of the Executive Board in charge of IT and Operations (COO) - OTP banka Srbija

“After our previous successful integration project in 2019 we continued with a more complex bank merge when COVID-19 caused unexpected challenges. Based on the previous positive experiences, we continued to use MINDSPIRE's services in the fields of data migration and program management in the Sirius Project as well and they clearly showed that by working from home and using collaboration tools, they can do the job as efficiently as by working on the bank's premises.”

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