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Banking Transformation Services

We help the CEOs and CIOs of major banks in Europe to transform their Core Banking Systems and simplify their products and processes with an end-to-end delivery responsibility.

Our team of 80+ experts has the ability to execute complex banking transformation projects based on real-life experiences throughout strategy planning, preparation, GAP analysis, implementation, system integration, testing and quality assurance.

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Consider the challenges!

Typical challenges of Core Banking Transformation projects: Our clients usually face the following issues during the banking and branch transformation projects.

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Is your commitment, support and information flow optimal for the upcoming Banking Transformation project?

Do you have sufficient internal resources for integration planning and realization?

Are you fighting continuous overruns and unexpected complexity during the execution of your Banking Transformation Projects?


MINDSPIRE Consulting is willing to take on an end-to-end integrator role with system-specific expertise in Flexcube, T24, Murex, CAMS, SMAC, our own implementation methodology and powerful accelerator tools that address the most complex changes in banking systems.

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We can create a clear and realistic banking transformation strategy, based on our considerable experience.

Our experts set clear and specific goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for any banking transformation project.

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We provide a proven and custom-made banking platform transformation methodology set for our clients.

Our tools and templates can mitigate classic project implementation risks for financial institutions.

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We can supply seasoned core-, retail- and corporate banking transformation experts.

Our 80+ banking consultant team consist of members having extensive prior client-side experience.

Successfully Delivered Core Banking Transformation Projects

Countries of Banking Transformation deliveries so far

Number of our Core Banking consultants

Our teams's experience in man-years


Experience in Banking Transformation Projects

Our experts have significant experience gathered during our earlier various Banking Transformation projects.

We have created standard and proven solutions to the most challenging Banking Transformation problems.

Supplying core-, retail- and corporate banking transformation experts from MINDSPIRE’s 80+ banking consultant team with members having extensive prior client-side experience.

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Our Banking Transformation Tools

MINDSPIRE Transport Tool: Methodology and Toolkit for Oracle FlexCube Parameterization and Environment Synchronization.

FlexServices, an additional layer above FlexCube’s own web services.

Complementary functionalities further empower our Banking Transformation Toolset.

Banking Transformation Methodology

System Integration Methodology & Templates for identification and detailed specification of Integration Patterns using our standardized methodology.

Requirement Gathering Questionnaire to ensure completeness of Banking Transformation Projects.

Model Bank Process Catalogue to ensure completeness of scope and to identify missing and unmanaged processes.

Providing proven and custom-made banking platform transformation methodology set with tools and templates to mitigate classic project implementation risks.

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Our latest Banking Transformation References

You can find more information about our Banking Transformation Services here:

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With MINDSPIRE’s efficient and proven Oracle FLEXCUBE Parameter TRANSPORT Tool, you can radically mitigate the risks involved in FLEXCUBE parameterization processes and reduce the overall costs of your implementation project or business-as-usual parameter changes.

See TRANSPORT in action


Map and convert existing business parameter sheets the Oracle export format.

Validate, import and export files to FLEXCUBE via the standard web interface.


Document FLEXCUBE environment settings by converting them into legible parameter sheet format.

Override the existing limitations, export all parameter tables of each modules in one step.


Perform an automated difference analysis of parameter sheets, raw export files and export files.

Speed up the process even more with bulk comparison, further reducing time and costs.



Quickly synchronize FLEXCUBE environments in an automated process.

Export parameters, prepare import files with differing values and import them to the target system in a few steps.

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