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About us


Established in 2016, MINDSPIRE’s team consists of professional consultants with experience in delivering banking projects from 5 to well over 15 years.

We are specializing our knowledge and activities towards banking transformations, while continously enhancing our own methodologies and tools that help us and our clients to achieve success in a highly professional way.

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Based in Budapest, Hungary

We are proud to support the realization of strategic initiatives at the largest banks and financial institutions in the region. We operate throughout the Central and Eastern European and Southeast European regions delivering implementation projects.

15 years of experience

MINDSPIRE Consulting was established by banking consultancy professionals, who had been working together for more than 15 years with their teams on large scale projects in the Hungarian and regional financial sector.

100% focused on banking

The partners’ goal was to create a high-class consultancy firm that is 100% focused on banking, helping the financial institutions through complex programs like mergers, portfolio acquisitions and implementations or replacements of complete IT systems.

Constantly developing our knowledge

Focus means being the best in your area, therefore we are constantly developing our knowledge and methodologies through our vast experience based on our projects and industry practices. Besides the banking ector focus, we also provide strategic services in areas we believe to be the best.



Today, MINDSPIRE Consulting has an international team of more than 180 consultants, most of them banking professionals and senior consultants.

We are working for the top financial institutions in the region, maintaining strategic cooperation with some of the largest banking groups.

Most of our projects we deliver on-site, while we also work in multi-location programs where our staff are distributed across several sites (like bank HQ and regional subsidiaries).

Number of Clients

Successful projects since 2016

Countries of reference

Successful projects in 2021


MINDSPIRE Consulting is part of INOVIVO Group, a leading IT and business consulting holding in Hungary and the region.

INOVIVO is operating in key sectors such as Financial institutions, Pharmaceutical industry, Energy sector, Telecommunication, Airline industry, Automotive & Transport and Manufacturing.

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MINDSPIRE’s Management Team

Our key services

Banking transformation services icon 2022

Banking Transformation

We help the CEOs and CIOs of major banks in Europe to transform their Core Banking Systems and simplify their products and processes with an end-to-end delivery responsibility.

Data migration services icon 2022

Banking Data Migration

We are ready to help you to correctly assess, design and execute any data migration task from the smallest banking satellite system implementation to a full scope bank merger and architecture integration.

Project management office icon 2022

Banking Project 
Management Office

Banking Project Management Office (PMO) and Programme Management guarantees a uniform approach to the projects’ governance and ensures consistent quality of the activities throughout the different teams.

Project management services icon 2022

Banking Project
Management Services

MINDSPIRE’s banking project management service can help you overcome the difficulties and effectively manage your projects by keeping the set deadlines and controlling the budget and the scope effectively.

Service management icon

Service Management

MINDSPIRE Consulting provides comprehensive Service Management (SM) consulting services and delivers professional SM solutions to its clientele. Our company is a solution provider of the cloud-based ServiceNow suite.

Our Key Personnel

MINDSPIRE Consulting

Work environment

Providing the best work environment to our colleagues is one of our top priorities.

We know that there is a lot more than just the physical elemenents of our professional life. Besides offering high quality offices at central locations and business class work equipment to our colleagues, we also focus on ideal and flexible work-life balance.

Our colleagues have outstanding growth opportunities in MINDSPIRE Consulting’s training- and development focused environment. We foster transparent and open communication and always recognize great performances.

MINDSPIRE Consulting’s latest events in pictures…

MINDSPIRE is a professional community with a strong team spirit, where positive thinking and reinforcement is a core value. Besides our frequent professional meetings, our colleagues regularly have different types of gatherings, spanning from project team celebrations and after-work get-togethers to all-staff events.

Please check out some of the highlights of our latest events!

01 – MINDSPIRE Kick-off meeting 2024

On 9 February 2024 we held our annual Kick-off meeting at the Nautis Hotel in Gárdony. In the first part of the event, the management reported on the company’s results for the year 2023 and the annual plans. Afterwards, György Jaksity, founder of Concorde Értékpapír Ltd. and one of Hungary’s leading financial analysts, gave a presentation on the current macroeconomic environment, the challenges facing the region and Hungary, including the financial sector. The dinner was followed by awarding the last lears outstanding performance of colleagues and project teams. The rest of the evening was filled with music and dancing, as well as bowling and foosball.

02 – MINDSPIRE Christmas Party 2023

The MINDSPIRE Christmas party took place on December 13, 2023. This year, our event was built around the circus theme, and we also provided various programs to enhance the atmosphere. As the opening act, we saw dance and aerial gymnastics productions, later during the evening fortune teller, casino, Swarovski body painting and green box photography were also available to the participants. In addition to these, a DJ ensured a good atmosphere and a party that lasted well into the night.

03 – MINDSPIRE Santa party 2023

On December 3, 2023, MINDSPIRE’s Santa visited the children of our colleagues. We welcomed the small and big guests with various programs, delicious food and drinks. With the support of the Elves, the children could take part in games of skill and crafts, then they waited for Santa Claus with a joint singing and dancing, and later the distribution of gifts followed.

Our colleagues said

Our earlier events

Social responsibility

We at MINDSPIRE Consulting believe that it is our duty to help the society in which we operate. Commitment to our wider community is intrinsic to who we are and to what we try to accomplish during our life at work.

We are proud of the wide range of activities our colleagues are involved in aiming to make a positive and lasting difference in our community.

Please see some of our recent CSR activities!

HiSchool MINDSPIRE cooperation 2024

HiSchool Foundation Cooperation 2024

We joined the HiJob program to support informed career choices, during which high school students could gain experience in the professions of interest to them.

MINDSPIRE Christmas Charity 2023

MINDSPIRE Christmas Charity 2023

This Christmas, our company supports foundations that help people in need and healing sick children throughout the year.

Supporting the Kompánia Foundation 2023

Supporting the Kompánia Foundation 2023

Just like last December, we will double the amount collected during the campaign, to ensure the much-needed operation of the civil organization, despite the ever-increasing costs.

MINDSPIRE Christmas charity 2022

MINDSPIRE Christmas Charity 2022

In line with our goal last year, we have managed to establish long-term cooperation with the foundations we supported last year, so this time MINDSPIRE Consulting is once again contributing financially to their operation.

Our earlier CSR events

Are you thinking of joining us?


At MINDSPIRE Consulting you can be part of a team where growing your career in various banking consulting positions while performing diverse and challenging tasks is not a promise, but a routine.


We are constantly working on making MINDSPIRE a truly great place to work, where our colleagues feel valued and have equal opportunities and benefits.


You can participate in international financial institution projects with a stable, prosperous company offering long-term and secure employment.


We would like to hear about you if you think your education, expertise and skills might be a good fit at MINDSPIRE Consulting!

Check out our open banking consulting positions now!

Attila Kovács

Partner, Human Resources and Operations

“I consider that the greatest value of our consulting team is the supportive environment, which enables us to share our professional knowledge within the company, thus empowering us to effectively solve the complex tasks that arise at our Clients.
It is always a pleasure to follow the development of the colleagues who have joined us as career starters and after a few years are able to work independently and responsibly as consultants or even project managers.”

Kovács Attila
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