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Established in 2016, MINDSPIRE’s team consists of professional consultants with experience in delivering banking projects from 5 to well over 15 years.

We are specializing our knowledge and activities towards banking transformations, while continously enhancing our own methodologies and tools that help us and our clients achieve success in a highly professional way.

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Based in Budapest, Hungary, we are proud to support the realization of strategic initiatives at the largest banks in the region. We operate throughout the CEE and SEE delivering large-scale implementation projects.

MINDSPIRE Consulting was established by banking consultancy professionals, who had been working together for more than 15 years with their teams on large scale projects in the Hungarian and regional financial sector.

The partners’ goal was to create a high-class consultancy firm that is 100% focused on banking, helping the financial institutions through complex programs like mergers, portfolio acquisitions and implementations or replacements of complete IT systems.

Focus means being the best in your area, therefore we are constantly developing our knowledge and methodologies through our vast experience base on our projects and industry practices.

Besides the sector focus, we also provide strategic services in areas we believe to be the best.


Today, MINDSPIRE Consulting has an international team of more than 180 consultants, most of them banking professionals and senior consultants.
We are working for the top financial institutions in the region, maintaining strategic cooperation with some of the largest banking groups.
Most of our projects we deliver on-site, while we also work in multi-location programs where our staff are distributed across several sites (like HQ and regional subsidiaries).

Number of Clients

Countries of reference

Team nationalities

Successful projects in 2020

MINDSPIRE’s Management Team

Agnes Bundai

Ágnes Bundai

Project Management Services

Szabolcs Homola

Szabolcs Homola

Strategic Business Development

Péter Komócsi

Business Development Europe

Peter Komocsi

Attila Kovács

Human Resources, Operations

Attila Kovacs
Zsolt Slezak

Zsolt Slezák

Business Development Hungary, Core Banking Services

Istvan Serfozo

István Serfőző

Migration Services, Key Projects Support

Our key services

Banking transformation services icon

Banking Transformation

Data migration services icon

Data Migration

Project management office icon

Project Management

Project management services icon

Project Management

Our Key Personnel

Andras Linczmayer
András Linczmayer Head of PM and
PMO Services
Andras Breuer
András Breuer Head of Banking 
Transformation Services
Arpad Pregitzer
Árpád Pregitzer
Head of Migration

Andras Szekely
András Székely
Digital Transformation

Ádám Fábián
Ádám Fábián Head of
Ákos Németh
Ákos Németh Senior Key Account
Zsolt Bajzáth
Zsolt Bajzáth Senior Key Account
András Váradi
András Váradi Senior Key Account


MINDSPIRE Consulting is part of INOVIVO Group, a leading IT and business consulting holding in Hungary and the region.

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