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Project Management
Services for the Banking Industry

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Due to profitability considerations banks and financial institutions are constantly adapting to new challenges, introducing new products, or striving to meet changing legal requirements.

These developments are usually carried out in the framework of projects of various sizes, and a project manager with a thorough knowledge of the bank’s operations and the given field is essential for supervising and managing the process.

Without proper leadership, even the most qualified project team cannot achieve the set goal on its own.

MINDSPIRE Consulting offers full-scale, professional project management services to its clients in the banking and financial services segment.

Challenges in IT project management in the financial sector

Projects of financial institutions can be of different nature, such as:

  • IT developments,
  • Organizational transformation activities,
  • Data migration tasks,
  • Fusion efforts,
  • Portfolio acquisitions,
  • Compliance.

Furthermore, when several projects are running simultaneously, it may also be necessary to create roles for the project portfolio management, program management and project office functions.

There are situations when it is easier and safer for banks and financial institutions to rely on experienced external firms and project management consultants to ensure a successful outcome.

In order to identify such situations, it is worth considering the following questions.

Project management services for the banking industry challenges illustration

Is necessary internal expertise available to properly manage the project?

Can high-risk implementations be managed without external project management support?

Are there sufficient internal resources available for project planning, management and quality assurance?

Is the bank planning to implement a highly complex, complicated program consisting of a network of projects?

Can the organization respond in time to project management challenges that require an immediate solution?

If at least one of the above questions results in a negative response, it is worthwhile for the bank to consider involving external experts who have project management experience with similar type and complexity endeavors at financial institutions.


Discover the benefits of our project management services for the banking industry!

Our company assumes a full integrator role based on our deep knowledge of various fundamental banking systems, Core Banking Systems (such as Flexcube, Temenos Transact (T24), Murex, Thought Machine Vault, Zeusz, Arksys, Inforex) and our own implementation methodology.

With the support of our self-developed efficiency-enhancing tools, our project managers are able to handle even the most complex changes in financial institution systems.

In addition, we have in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • Bank card systems
  • Collateral management systems
  • Treasury solutions
  • Payments, Instant payments systems
  • Securities systems
  • DWH (Data Warehouse) solutions
  • Controlling systems
  • Document management systems (DMS, Document Management System)
  • Service management (Service Management, SM) systems
  • Front-end systems
  • Electronic channels
Resurce pool title
Our company has a significant pool of project managers with deep banking knowledge.

Due to our professional project management team, we can offer a solution for any type of banking industry project in a short time.

Our company has ten PMI PMP (Project Management Professional) certified experts and five Agile – PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner) or Scrum Alliance CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) project managers.

Experience title
We have in-depth industry-specific experience due to our successfully implemented medium and large-scale projects in the banking sectors of Hungary and the Central-Eastern and South-Eastern European regions.

Our international project management experts are thoroughly familiar with and routinely apply industry best practices that can also be utilized by our future clients.

Our banking consultants have managed complex, multi-stakeholder projects in 10 countries.
Improvement title

MINDSPIRE’s project managers and consultants specialized in the banking and financial services segment continuously improve their professional knowledge in order to keep up with the latest trends and provide the highest possible quality project management service in the financial sector.

Our company supports the effective expansion of the knowledge and skills of our experts in the form of internal and external professional trainings. One such example is obtaining the Project Management Professional certification (PMI-PMP) issued by the Project Management Institute.

Consultants in our project management pool

Satisfied Clients in the Financial Industry

Successfully delivered projects in the banking segment


Our methodological approach for project management in the banking industry

Our company is prepared to perform banking project management tasks based on procedures that include the basic elements of the various methodologies common in the banking and financial institutions segment, such as the waterfall, agile, or hybrid operating model.

Our banking project management experts are thoroughly familiar with both traditional and agile methodologies.

In addition to a solid theoretical background, our consultants also have actual practical experience.

The project management team of MINDSPIRE Consulting is supported by our company’s own Banking Project Management Office, including providing and maintaining the methodological background and various templates and documents.

Banking project management methodology illustration
Banking project management adaptability illustration

Adaptability and flexibility

When required, our banking project managers readily apply existing, mature, client-side methodologies.

If a suitable internal approach is not available for the given project type, MINDSPIRE Consulting’s relevant task-specific and developed methodology provides guidance to the project team if necessary.

Decades of expertise and experience

Our certified project manager and Scrum Master experts have real experience and results in the banking industry, and are ready to help you manage your projects, even in the most complex situations.

We believe that project management in the banking and financial sector is not only an administrative task, but ideally the project manager is an expert in the given field who is also able to provide professional support to the entire team.

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Our company’s tool supporting the go live process and release management activities efficiently handles the work processes of complex projects’ cutover periods and covers the project sponsors’ information requirements.

Such more intricate activities can be, for example, mergers and acquisitions of banks, insurance companies and other large companies, purchase of service portfolios, replacement of IT systems, software version changes, IT release management activities, or data migration projects.

Discover the capabilities and advantages of MINDSPIRE OMEGA Cutover Tool!

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