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Project Management

Financial institutions are constantly adapting to new challenges due to profitability considerations, introducing new products, or complying with the changing legal requirements.

These transformations are usually implemented in large scale projects, where a project manager is essential to supervise and control the whole process.

Without proper leadership even the most qualified project team will not be able to meet the goal alone.

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Challenges in IT project management in the financial sector

There are some typical situations when it is safer and easier to rely on an external project management firm and project management consultants to ensure the successful outcome.


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Do you have the necessary internal expertise for your project?

Can you handle high risk implementations without outside support?

Do you have sufficient internal resources to cover your projects?

Can you act in time when an immediate solution is required?


Discover the benefits of our project management consultancy services!

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MINDSPIRE has an extensive resource pool with deep knowledge in banking project management services.

Based on the high quality skills of our information technology project management team we provide solution for all types of projects in a short time.

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Due to the successfully delivered mid and large scale Banking sector projects in Hungary and in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) and Southeast European (SEE) regions our international project management experts had the possibility to study the best practices which can be utilized at your organization.

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MINDSPIRE’s PM consultancy experts are constantly improving their knowledge to keep up with the latest trends and to provide the highest quality of project management services in the financial sector.

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Waterfall, agile or perhaps a mixed setup including the essentials of both methodologies?

Our project management specialists are familiar with the traditional and the agile methodologies.

Besides their solid theoretical background they also have strong practical experience.
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Our project managers are ready to use existing mature client-side methodologies.

Or when needed MINDSPIRE’s methodology can provide guidance for the project team.


Certified Project Managers and Scrum Masters with proven experience and track record are available to help you manage your projects even in the most complex situations.

We believe that project management is not only an administrative task but ideally the project manager is an expert of the area and has to be able to provide professional guidance for the whole team.

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