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Career at MINDSPIRE Consulting

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MINDSPIRE Consulting

The team of MINDSPIRE Consulting Ltd. was established in 2016 by experienced banking professionals.

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Our goal was to build an outstanding consulting company specializing in the financial institution industry and continuously developing our skills.

In recent years, we have participated in a number of significant banking integration and transformation projects both in Hungary and in the region, while continuously expanding our team.

MINDSPIRE Consulting, operating in the international environment and as a leader in the Hungarian banking advisory market, offers a long-term development opportunity and a reliable background for its advisory team of more than 180 experts.


Discover our company and our current banking consultant job offers!

Attila Kovács

HR manager

“I think that the greatest value of our consulting team is the supportive environment which enables the sharing of the professional knowledge within the team, thus empowering us to effectively solve the complex tasks that arise from our clients.”

Attila Kovács MINDSPIRE HR

12 reasons why
MINDSPIRE is a good place to bulid a successful banking consulting career

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Why work at MINDSPIRE icon

Diverse and challenging work


Participation in projects of international financial institutions


Projects at market leading Hungarian banks


Prepared and approachable team


Long-term learning and development opportunities


Professional support and assistance


Competitive benefit package


Professional work environment and tools


Development of in-house methodologies and professional trainings based on them


Soft skills development in consultancy and communication


Regular team building and leisure programs


Opportunity to discover the operation of various financial institutions

Our Clients said

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MINDSPIRE Junior Program

Supporting junior colleagues in their professional activities is a key priority for us,
this is why we have created the MINDSPIRE Junior Program.

There are a number of areas in consulting services for the financial sector which our entry-level colleagues can choose from.

Some of our colleagues would like to have a banking consulting career, while becoming a professional expert with deep, specialized knowledge in various areas of banking operations, such as core banking, back office, compliance, treasury or e-channels.

Other consultants specialize in areas related to information technology, such as system implementation and integration or IT operations, while some strengthen their knowledge in project management.

Through the MINDSPIRE Junior Program we encourage our colleagues to find their own areas of interest and mutually define their path of development accordingly.


Dedicated senior pair

Our experienced consultants assigned to the entry-level staff oversee the performance of the junior colleagues and provide assistance and development as needed during their banking consulting career.


Compulsory and optional courses

The standard training required for our new employees ensures that all our junior colleagues acquire uniform professional and personal skills requreid for the various banking consultant jobs.

In addition, our consultants can take part in optional, specialized training in accordance with their individual development goals.


Regular feedback and formalized assessments

Recurring assessment discussions with senior colleagues, where both parties can provide constructive feedback on the career path is one of the key elements of the MINDSPIRE Junior Program.


MINDSPIRE: A community worth belonging to

To strengthen the community of our junior staff, we regularly organize team-building events, including joint professional or charitable activities, professional discussions, and leisure programs to help entry-level colleagues to become part of the team.

What our staff say

Ozsváth Sándor

“As a member of the MINDSPIRE team, in recent years I have been involved in several successful projects as a consultant. I work with professional and experienced colleagues and we mutually support one another’s work. In addition to the internationally recognized knowledge, I could build excellent personal relationships, not only during professional activities, but also at social events.”

Sándor Ozsváth

Mocsáry Ágnes
“MINDSPIRE is a workplace where my work and performance is not only recognized, but also constantly presents me with new challenges. It’s also important to me that at MINDSPIRE, I can work with the best professionals in the country in a supportive environment, where anyone can be approached with anything.”

Ágnes Mocsáry

Újpál Georgina
“For young people it is important to be able to test themselves in different fields in order to find the right role for them. Thanks to MINDSPIRE’s diverse projects, I’ve been able to find the position which really interests me and I truly enjoy. Cohesion within the company and supporting one another has accompanied me throughout all my projects.”

Georgina Ujpál

Our open banking consultant jobs

PMO project coordinator position-icon

PMO project

System analyst position icon


Project manager position icon


Junior consultant position icon


Business analyst position icon


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The ideal consultant candidate

Has a degree in economics or business informatics
Is characterized by good analytical skills and systematic and solution-oriented thinking
Enjoys working in a team and independently as well
Has good communication skills
Is characterized by rapid adaptability and preference for diverse tasks

Has strong written and oral English communication skills

Uses Microsoft Office tools with confidence

Willingness to travel and stay abroad temporarily in the Central and Eastern European region.


Has native or advanced Hungarian language proficiency.


Having a good command of an other European language besides English and Hungarian is a plus.

Ideal MINDSPIRE applicant

events and happenings

Our consultants and experts typically work at project sites provided by our clients, so they are less likely to meet each other in larger numbers.
This is why we consider it important to provide the opportunity for the entire MINDSPIRE Consulting team to gather several times a year.

To this end, we organize various events, including professional and leisure programs as well.

We also use these events to share important, current information with our employees regarding the company and our plans for the future.

Featured MINDSPIRE events:

Annual kick-off meeting

Each year we hold the now traditional MINDSPIRE Annual opening meeting in February, where the management evaluates the company’s performance in the previous 12 months and outlines plans for the current period. One of the highlights of the event is the recognition of the outstanding achievements of the past year. The winners of the Project of the Year, Consultant of the Year, Young Talent of the Year awards besides the moral recognition will receive valuable rewards as well. We also recognize experts, salespeople, and colleagues involved in developing our services with outstanding performance.

Professional days

At the professional days organized by MINDSPIRE Consulting we deliver lectures and organize panel discussions for our colleagues about the issues affecting the financial institutions market at that time. The topics of the presentations may include the application of methodologies used in individual projects, the development of market trends, or the resolution of technical or regulatory compliance challenges facing the banking sector. During the questions and answers sections following the lectures, usually deep professional discussions evolve.

Children's Day and Saint Nicholas Day
It is an important mission for us to introduce our company to the families and children of our employees. Unfortunately, during the pandemic we didn’t have the opportunity to hold a family day, but on Children’s Day and Saint Nicholas Day we made an effort to surprise the “MINDSPIRE kids” with creative gifts, which besides being entertaining can also serve development purposes.
MINDSPIRE Christmas party
After a whole year of intense project work, as part of the holiday season attunement, the year-closing Christmas party will provide relaxation for the entire MINDSPIRE team. At this time our colleagues can meet and chat in a pleasant location, accompanied with delicious food and drinks, entertainment programs and music. As part of the Christmas preparation, we also give modest gifts to our colleagues at this time.
Project breakfasts
In order to enable our employees working for different Clients to meet each other regularly and share their experience gained on projects, we also organize meetings in smaller groups. The face-to-face gatherings start with a rich breakfast, but if there is no other option, we have an online exchange of views.

Professional developments and workshops for your banking consulting career

Based on the experience our consultants acquired on projects throughout the years, we have created and are continuously developing our own methodologies. These can be accessed by all of our consultants through internal knowledge transfer.

Internal trainings

Internal knowledge sharing

Basics of consulting and project management

Basics of consulting and project management

More information
For colleagues, who are beginning their career at MINDSPIRE or have not worked as a consultant previously it is important to become familiar with the particularities of the consultant’s role. In the form of a full-day session we provide key information about the roles and responsibilities of a consultant, code of conduct and how projects are executed. During the training, we focus on what, as an external employee, we have to pay attention to throughout the implementation of our projects.
Business analyst training

Business Analysis and Systems Analysis (BA-SA) methodology introduction

More information
MINDSPIRE Consulting presents its own Business Analysis and System Analysis methodologies and templates during a multi-day interactive workshop, using practical examples and case studies based on actual experience, and transferring theoretical knowledge.
Data migration methodology training

Data migration methodology introduction

More information
Presenting the theoretical and practical elements of the MINDSPIRE banking data migration methodology to colleagues who are working on or preparing for a data migration project. During the all-day workshop, we introduce all the phases of a migration project, and demonstrate our own DELTA data migration tool in operation.
Core banking system training

Basics of Core Banking Systems

More information
One of the most important services of MINDSPIRE Consulting is the implementation of account management systems for banks. Therefore, all of our advisors must have knowledge of core banking systems. In addition to the banking product portfolio, the organizational structure of financial institutions and the introduction of the banking system architecture, the transfer of fundamental information includes the presentation of the main functions of account management systems. Our consultants can discover the specifics of the different account management systems used by our clients at the training provided by the system vendors, and during the internal workshops.
Microsoft Office training

Microsoft Office for Consultants

More information
Our consultants discover the company templates (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) available for the preparation of documents used in their daily work. In addition, the PowerPoint and Excel features that we regularly use during projects and significantly shortens and simplifies our work are also introduced.
Professional trainings

External professional trainings

Basics of banking training

Basics of banking

More information
In cooperation with the Institute for Training and Consulting in Banking Ltd. we have assembled the topics our junior staff will follow to gain an overview of the operation of banks. Among other things, we examine the regulatory environment, organizational structure, products, risks, channels, and typical business lines of financial institutions.
PMI PMP certification preparation training

PMI-PMP exam preparation training

More information
For our senior project managers, we support the acquisition of the PMP certification. We assist the preparation for the special examination required for the qualification with a training led by external instructors.
Professional conferences

Professional conferences

More information
We provide opportunities to our colleagues to attend various professional conferences where they can discover the latest banking, business and technology trends and plans, and also meet with suppliers and customers.
Soft skills training

Soft skill trainings

In addition to professional training, we also provide personal skills training for our employees, which greatly increases the effectiveness of consulting work.

Communication training

Communication training

More information
The purpose of the training is to ensure that the communication of our employees is confident and convincing in a wide variety of professional situations. During the training, among other things we explore the particulars of the comprehensible and accurate phrasing and presentation, and also the effective reasoning techniques and questioning.
Efficient cooperation training

Effective collaboration training

More information
Our consultants carry out their daily tasks in collaboration with their colleagues and employees of the client. Therefore, it is highly important that professionals working together can cooperate effectively. In addition to individual responsibility within the group, information flow and strengthening team awareness, our consultants are also introduced to different methods to quickly identify problems and manage potential conflicts.
Time and task management training

Time and task management

More information
Effective management of their own and their coworkers’ time is also very important for consultants and project managers. The goal of the training is to introduce the methods and tools of working hours and task management to the participants, and enable them to use these during daily work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Work execution

Entry-level staff




What documents do I have to attach to my application?

Please send us your resume and motivation letter.

What language skills do I need to apply?

Native or advanced Hungarian and English language proficiency is a must. It’s an advantage if you know other Central European languages.

How do I apply for the advertised positions?

Please send your CV and motivation letter to job@mindsspire-consulting.com to apply.

How does the recruitment process work?

We review your resume and motivation letter as soon as we receive it. If the experience, qualifications and language skills stated there meet the requirements of the position, a personal or online general interview will follow. The specific professional knowledge will be assessed during the following interview.

What should I expect at the job interviews?

For easier planning we conduct most job interviews online, using Microsoft Teams video call. However, there will be at least one face-to-face meeting during each successful recruitment process.

Where do the personal interviews take place?

The personal interviews take place in MINDSPIRE Consulting’s Budapest office, the exact address is Ganz Street 16, 1027 Budapest.

Where am I going to work?

Our colleagues typically work on our clients’ various projects. Therefore, we do not define the work location and hours, but adapt to the requirements of our clients. The primary location of our activities is the project location provided at our clients’ headquarters, which is in line with the actual expectations. However, on almost all of our projects it is possible to work from home several days per week.

Will I have the opportunity to work abroad?

Yes, on the projects of our foreign clients it is usually expected from us to regularly show up at abroad locations as well. The frequency and length of the abroad presence also depends on the phase and the type of the project. During the recruitment process at the interviews, we will also inform you about the number of workdays you may be expected to perform abroad. Of course, your travel and accommodation costs will be covered by MINDSPIRE Consulting when working abroad.

What are the guidelines for working from home?

Since we usually perform for our clients, the rules regarding working from home also depend on the particular project. Adhering to the client’s regulations, in general it is possible to work from home for at least few days per week.

Does it occur that I have to work for more than one client at the same time?

Essentially we make an effort to ensure that our consultants work full-time for one client whenever possible. However, in certain roles (e.g., quality assurance specialist, expert), a consultant may be assigned to several projects simultaneously, even within a day.

Will I have the opportunity to become acquainted with more than one customer?

It is important for our consultants to discover and understand the entire banking market comprehensively as far as possible. That is why we make an effort to enable our employees to gain work experience with multiple clients. Typically, it is possible to work for another client after completing a given project.

Can I apply during my higher education?

By default, you can apply for the advertised positions only after obtaining a bachelor’s degree (BSc). If you are participating in Master’s studies and working at the same time, 40 hours per week has to be completed.

Can I apply for an internship program?

We can offer an internship if you also enter into a longer-term commitment. Please send your questions regarding this to jobs@mindsspire-consulting.com

What support can I expect as a career-starter?

As an entry-level staff, you will automatically participate in the MINDSPIRE Junior program. Within this, a dedicated senior pair will guide and supervise your work and provide assistance if needed. In addition, we also provide you as a junior consultant with compulsory and optional professional and skills development training.

What benefits does MINDSPIRE Consulting provide for me?

In addition to competitive salary, we also provide performance-based compensation. Besides these, we also supply the tools and software required to perform your consulting tasks.

Is there a regular bonus at the company?

Typically, we reward consultants for outstanding performance after the successful completion of projects.

How is my personal information processed?

At our company, personal data is processed in accordance with our data protection guidelines. The privacy policy is available at the following address: https://www.mindspire-consulting.com/privacy-policy/

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

We only share data of the job applicants with our partners with whom we have signed a data processing agreement. All of our partners must undertake to comply with the same data protection measurements and rules that our company provides to those who contact us.

Can I request the deletion of my application and my personal information also?

Yes, the deletion of your application and personal data can be requested by email at the job@mindsspire-consulting.com address. After submitting the request, we provide information about the final deletion of the data by email.

How long will my resume and other personal information be kept?

The consent-based processing of your personal data provided during the recruitment process covers the duration of the procedure.
If your recruitment process does not result in employment, but you expressly consent to the retention of your personal information, we will store it for 2 years so that we may offer another position for you at a later date.
In the absence of such consent, your personal data will be deleted within 30 days of the notification sent out about the decision.
If your recruitment process results in an employment relationship, your personal data and documents provided will be processed in accordance with the provisions on employment.

If I have further questions, who can I ask?

Enquires about general questions can be sent to the following email address: info@mindspire-consulting.com
Please send your questions regarding job advertisements to the following email address: job@mindspire-consulting.com
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We look forward to seeing you on the MINDSPIRE team!

MINDSPIRE career drawing

We look forward to seeing you on the MINDSPIRE team!

MINDSPIRE career photo montage
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