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Data Migration Tool

A powerful, ready-to-use, and parameterizable data transformation and process management engine.

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Extracting, Transforming and Loading data of banks using MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool

DELTA was built to support our data migration projects in the banking and financial services industry, perfectly complementing our Data Migration Services and proprietary data migration methodology.

Discover how MINDSPIRE Consulting’s universally applicable, platform and system independent engine can speed up data migration processes, while reducing costs and ensuring data validity!

MINDSPIRE’s banking data migration experts have participated in more than fifteen large scale successfully delivered migration projects in Europe and are currently working on several major projects.

Facing the shortcomings and limitations of the existing standard data migration tools and processes, our ETL professionals have developed a custom solution designed for the specific requirements of banking data migration.

MINDSPIRE DELTA is capable of covering all aspects of the banking data migration process, ranging from small satellite banking solutions to complex core banking systems and full bank migrations.

Our banking data migration tool is continuously improved, tailored throughout the years for the data migration projects of the financial institutions.
By using MINDSPIRE DELTA Migration Tool we were able to significantly reduce the overall costs of the data migration project and speed up the entire process.

The powerful data migration engine’s features include loading, transforming, processing, validating, and controlling the entire ETL process.

Main challenges and risk associated with banking data migration

Facing a changing business and technological landscape and growing client expectations, banks constantly need to improve their systems and processes, upgrade their existing solutions, implement new software or hardware into their complex IT architecture, or replace their core banking systems. Also, following a merger and acquisition, the systems of the two institutions must be integrated.

Most of these activities include transferring large amounts of data from source to target systems. Although on the surface these seem to be standard ETL projects, usually the data to be migrated differ in format, overlap with each other, may contain duplicated data or even errors.

According to research, only 36% of data migration projects keep to the forecasted budget, and only 46% were delivered on-time.

Data migration projects performed by banks and financial institutions are not exempt, they entail significant amounts of risk, and many such projects suffer serious problems or fail.

MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool

Some of the common challenges that might occur during data migration projects

Insufficient resources: When the complexity of a data migration project is underestimated, it results in lack of manpower or unrealistic deadlines.

Unclear expectations: The exact requirements for the ETL tasks might not be well defined, which might lead to performing unnecessary tasks, or missing the critical steps.

Lack of proper tools: When the data migration team has no access to the right applications needed for the ETL project, the process will take significantly longer, and it will become error prone.

Unidentified data quality issues: The data migration team might not have a complete overview of the data sources, which might result in loading low quality data into the target systems.

Lack of collaboration between parties: Since data migrations often involve several internal and external participants, without effective cooperation the project can easily go astray.

Inadequate testing: Due to insufficient resources or unrealistic deadlines validation of the migration process might be limited, which in turn can lead to incomplete or inaccurate results in the target systems.

Introducing MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool

Our powerful migration engine is designed to cover the entire data migration processes of banks, including these main phases


Easily stage and validate source data from any source system. Setup source structures, choose from predefined source data import methods, such as csv, xls, xlsx, db link, and more. Possibility to restructure source data to prepare for more effective and transparent transformation, using basic data cleansing functions. Filter source data based on business or data validation requirements.


Setup target structures. Create every single transformation rule with a built-in powerful editor, containing many predefined functions. Build-in validations capabilities already in transformation rules. Test, preview and flexibly modify the rules. Use semi-automated version control and automatic documentation. Setup target data export methods, such as csv, xml, xls, xlsx, db link, and more. When needed, custom SQL codes can be inserted at any point of the transformation process.


Define even very complex data migration process with the easy-to-use designer and select from predefined process steps. Optimize the execution with parallel processing.


Easily create a customized report or use any built-in template reports for data validation or process monitoring. Reports can be executed automatically within predefined or ad-hoc processes.


Identify dependencies and design a fully automated data migration process, orchestrated, and monitored from a graphical interface. Even scheduled execution is possible containing automated notification functionalities providing up to date information about the progress. For each run an execution log is automatically created with the detailed results.

Main benefits of using MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool

Quick installation and easy to use solution

  • Our tool is instantly applicable, the implementation process is simple.
  • It is based on standard technologies (Java, SQL, open-source software).
  • Easy operation.
Quick installation and easy-to-use data migration solution

End-to-end migration support functions

  • Assisting migration reconciliation.
  • Data cleansing, deduplication.
  • Automated reporting solutions.
End-to-end data migration support functions

Continuously improved engine

  • Effective and stable process execution even with large amount of data.
  • The tool is continuously developed and improved based on end-user’s feedbacks.
Continuously improved data migration engine

Built-in control and automated report points

  • During the transformation process the currently executed elements and the available results are easy to identify.
  • No additional report has to be developed to track the process.
Built in control and automated data migration report points

Universally applicable solution

  • The application is flexible and sector independent.
  • Contains not only standard, but special transformation functions as well to simplify the transformation logic for business analysts.
  • Additional developer skills are not required. The whole transformation process can be setup via parametrization.
Universally applicable data migration solution

Platform and system independent capabilities

  • Our data migration tool is based on standard, platform independent technologies.
  • Heterogenous systems can be connected as source or target.
Platform and system independent data migration capabilities

Cost effective, out of the box ETL application

  • The application’s functionality, such as built-in validation, reports, and control reduces the cost of migration projects.
  • The application’s functionality covers the whole transformation process. Additional applications or developments are not needed to execute the processes.
Cost effective out of the box ETL application

Our related services

MINDSPIRE Consulting provides various connected services and experts for the DELTA Data Migration Tool

Technical analysis and development

Technical analysts and programmers with Java and ETL skills and migration technical experience. Main tasks: Customization and development, administration, maintenance, technical analysis, and support of the migration process.

Business analysis and implementation

Senior and Junior Data Migration Analysts with extensive migration experience and CBS knowledge. Main tasks: Analyzing migration requirements. Specifying source and target systems, dataset, processes. Designing migration processes and transformation logic. Parameterizing the data migration tool. Executing rehearsals and rollout.

Design and Quality Assurance

Data Migration Experts with 5+ years of migration and banking experience. Main tasks: Leading preparation and planning activities, defining prerequisites and key success factors of data migration. Taking lead responsibility in Data Migration Strategy preparation. Permanent monitoring and evaluating professional quality of data migration projects. Methodological support for implementing and orchestrating the end-to-end migration process.

Project Management

Project managers, Roll-out Managers, Test Coordinators with 5+ years of experience in banking IT project-management. Main tasks: Coordinating data migration planning, and execution activities. Resource management. Risk management. Roll-out management, planning and coordinating cutover activities. Test coordination, test strategy preparation, test team coordination.

Discover our complex Data Migration Services!

Our Banking Data Migration references

 – During the last decade MINDSPIRE Consulting has gathered extensive experience in different data migration projects in the banking segment, including:
– Full bank migration projects, mergers, and portfolio purchases.
– Core Banking System migration, including new system integration and upgrade projects as well.
– Satellite system migration, such as card, collateral, CPM solutions.

Our Banking Data Migration Methodology

MINDSPIRE Consulting has developed a banking industry specific data migration methodology framework, which covers the complete data migration process, including the following phases.

Data migration tasks

  • conceptual design
  • logical design
  • physical design
  • testing
  • rollout

Post migration activities

  • extraction
  • data cleansing
  • deduplication
  • transformation
  • uploading
  • reconciliation
  • coordination
  • project management
  • quality assurance
  • rollout management
  • test coordination

Technical overview of our data migration engine

Source systems

Flexcube, Finastra (MIDAS, Equation), Symbols, SAP, Sopra Banking Amplitude, Sia (CAMS), Temenos T24, Vision+, Bankmaster

Target systems

Flexcube,Finastra (Equation), Symbols, SAP, Asseco Solutions, Bankway, Sia (CAMS), Appello, Dorsum (Clavis), Bpc, Areus

Technologies used

Business logic: Defined in Java and PL/SQL.
Database management: Using Oracle database.
Application server: Apache Tomcat.
User interface: Google Chrome browser.
Source and target data transfer: Database, Flat file, csv, xml.
Reporting and documentation: Excel, PDF.

Architecture components

Database server
Application server
Terminal server

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