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Data migration related to loan portfolio purchase


2018.06 – 2018.11

Undisclosed bank



During the project we utilized MINDSPIRE’s banking data migration methodology including templates, standards and principles related to data migration conceptual design, logical and physical mapping, data migration specific testing, documentation, reporting, error handling and cutover planning.

Project scope and targets

Bank purchased the loan portfolio of insurance company credit institute and setup project, aiming the integration of the portfolio in the existing IT architecture and operation of the bank.

The obtained portfolio consisted of several different type of retail loan contracts including delinquent loans.

In addition to the above, customer, collateral and technical settlement account balance data was part of the automated banking data migration scope as well.

Despite the relatively low volume of the purchased loan portfolio (approximately 4500 contracts), the complexity of the data, challenging deadlines and number of target systems required to set up a carefully planned and highly automated banking data migration process.

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Our main contribution to the project

MINDSPIRE Consulting tasks during the loan portfolio data migration included the loan portfolio data migration strategy preparation and the participation in the preliminary portfolio analysis.

Logical and physical mapping of the automated transformation process for customer, loan and collateral data.

Extensive testing, error analysis and bug-fixing of migration data.

Supporting cutover planning and execution of the entire live banking data migration process.

Project organization and roles

The data migration team was responsible for implementing the automated banking data migration process.

Inovivo (Ness) delegated a Banking Project Manager for leading the data migration team, that closely cooperated with the bank’s project management.

Data upload and testing and end-to-end reconciliation were responsibility of the bank, and delivered mainly by internal resources during the loan portfolio data migration project.

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Banking Data Migration Toolset

The tools used for the data migration at integration project: MINDSPIRE DELTA banking data migration tool.

Our main involvement areas

  • Banking Data Migration Strategy and Roadmap preparation,
  • Implementation of the transformation process,
  • Post data migration support.

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • Banking Project Manager
  • Data Migration analysts
  • Technical analysts
  • Development support
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