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Banking Data Migration Services

As an inevitable part of completing any IT transformation projects, data migration plays a key role in the overall success of the intended system integration in the financial services industry.

And still, this is rarely in the focus of the initial resource planning and conceptual design, which might risk failing the whole implementation of the affected banking system.

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Consider the challenges!

With our Banking Data Migration Services we are ready to help you to correctly assess, design and execute any data migration task from the smallest satellite banking system implementation to a full scope bank merger and architecture integration.

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Do you have sufficient and experienced resources for your banking data migration project?

Do you understand the real complexity and business impacts of the banking data migration process?

Do you have the correct approach and all the required tools to safely execute the data migration project?


Because we understand, that data migration for banks and financial institutions is not just about data, but requires a comprehensive, end-to-end approach. We are ready to take full delivery responsibility for a banking data migration project equally fulfilling IT, business and audit requirements.

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We do not only build a technically correct, but a business requirement compliant data migration process for banks and financial institutions.

We take end-to-end responsibility: Not only offering complete data migration services for banks, but coordinating the full scope of transition and roll-out activities.

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We use standards and accelerators in order to save time and money during banking data migration projects.

Our data migration methodology and toolset designed for the needs of the financial institutions is ready to use and do not require any additional investment or costly development.

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Our Banking Data Migration Services are based on a proven and industry-specific methodology, that guarantees transparent and audit-proof data migration activities from the data level transformations to the project level operation.

Successfully Delivered Banking Data Migration Projects

Years Of Continous Methodology & Tool Development

Man-Year Experience in Banking Data Migration

Data Migration between Different Source And Target Systems


Banking Data Migration Methodology

Our Banking Data Migration methodology is a universal approach with clearly defined tasks, responsibilities and continuous methodology support for the end-to-end process.

Complete with conceptual design, implementation, post support and coordination for various types of data migration projects in the banking industry.

For comprehensive data migration support we offer optional services, such as data cleansing and reconciliation support.

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Our expertise with data migration for banks

Our company, MINDSPIRE Consulting has an extensive resource pool with deep banking knowledge and data migration specific on-field experience.

Different banking data migration expert profiles covering all specific tasks both on-site and in background support.

Banking Data Migration Toolset

Our toolset includes a ready-to-use, system-independent data migration engine with full support for setting up and executing the automated data migration process for the banking industry.

We also offer a comprehensive set of document templates, checklists, reporting schemas and other supportive materials designed for the needs of financial institutions.

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Our latest Banking Data Migration References

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Our Clients Said about MINDSPIRE’s Banking Data Migration Services

Rostislav Zdravkov

Rostislav Zdravkov

MIG WG Leader

“MS is a company that highly cares about performing as a team and vendor partner to produce excellence for their clients. They demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism while providing high quality Migration services throughout the execution of Odessos project for merging two of the biggest Bulgarian banks – EXB and DSK.”

Predrag Vasić

Predrag Vasić

Member of the Executive Board in charge of IT and Operations (COO) - OTP banka Srbija

“After our previous successful integration project in 2019 we continued with a more complex bank merge when COVID-19 caused unexpected challenges. Based on the previous positive experiences, we continued to use MINDSPIRE's services in the fields of data migration and program management in the Sirius Project as well and they clearly showed that by working from home and using collaboration tools, they can do the job as efficiently as by working on the bank's premises.”

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Extracting, Transforming and Loading data of banks using MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool.

Main element of our services is the ready-to-use, powerful application with banking data migration specific functionality, covering parameterisable data transformation and process management, built-in reporting and dashboards.

DELTA was built to support our data migration projects in the banking and financial services industry, perfectly complementing our Data Migration Services and proprietary data migration methodology.

Discover how MINDSPIRE Consulting’s universally applicable, platform and system independent engine can speed up banking data migration processes, while reducing costs and ensuring data validity!

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