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Data Migration and complex reporting for ERSTE Investment Hungary



2020.06 – 2022.05.

ERSTE Investment



MINDSPIRE’s own banking data migration methodology, including templates, standards and principles related to conceptual design, logical and physical mapping, migration specific testing, documentation, reporting, error handling and cutover planning.

Scope and targets

MINDSPIRE Consulting were tasked by ERSTE Investment Hungary, the market leader in investment services, with the transfer of consolidated corporate client data required by the ERSTE Group, the development of detailed accounting, risk management, controlling data reporting process, and the IT implementation.

We used MINDSPIRE’s internally developed DELTA Data Migration Tool for the specification of the banking data requirements and the implementation of the data transmission during the data migration and complex reporting project.

This was the first time that the MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool was used for data reporting purposes, it was extended with specific data reporting functionalities.

Data migration and complex reporting project scope and targets
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Our contribution to the project

MINDSPIRE’s activities in the ERSTE Investment Hungary’s data migration and complex reporting project can be grouped around two main key areas.

1. Design of the location and process for collecting and storing data:

  • Architecture planning.
  • Business specification.
  • Interpretation and application of data standards.
  • Business process modelling and refactoring.
  • Project management.
  • Test management.
  • Go-live management and continuous support.

2. Using the functionality of the MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration tool and developing additional reporting capabilities:

  • Handling of several integration patterns.
  • Parametrization thousands of transformation rules, export and import methods, building of several workflows.
  • Data transfers have been automatically scheduled with different frequencies via a control board.
  • Auditability: closed process implementation.
  • Automatic, scheduled archiving.

Project organization and roles

ERSTE Investment Hungary provided and allocated internal and third party business and IT resources to the data migration and complex reporting project.

The total number of the data migration and complex reporting project team members was nearly 100.

ERSTE Investment Hungary and ERSTE Bank management closely monitored the progress with weekly meetings.

ERSTE Investment Hungary project worked in sync with seven other actors in ERSTE Group’s umbrella project.

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MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool: A ready to use application designed, developed and operated by our company.

DELTA supports the setup, execution, monitoring and documenting of the banking data transformation process and ensures a fast, highly automated and audit-proof data migration.

MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool was also used for data reporting purposes, using its specific data reporting functionalities.

Our main involvement areas in the data migration and complex reporting project

  • Project management
  • Scope management
  • Business consultancy
  • Banking data migration support
  • Proccess refactoring
  • Test coordination

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • Project manager
  • Business consultant
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • System analyst
  • DELTA Data Migration Tool expert
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Our Clients Said

Rostislav Zdravkov

Rostislav Zdravkov

MIG WG Leader

“MS is a company that highly cares about performing as a team and vendor partner to produce excellence for their clients. They demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism while providing high quality Migration services throughout the execution of Odessos project for merging two of the biggest Bulgarian banks – EXB and DSK.”

Predrag Vasić

Predrag Vasić

Member of the Executive Board in charge of IT and Operations (COO) - OTP banka Srbija

“After our previous successful integration project in 2019 we continued with a more complex bank merge when COVID-19 caused unexpected challenges. Based on the previous positive experiences, we continued to use MINDSPIRE's services in the fields of data migration and program management in the Sirius Project as well and they clearly showed that by working from home and using collaboration tools, they can do the job as efficiently as by working on the bank's premises.”

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