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PMO service at “Star Trek” Improvement Program in Serbia



2021.08 – 2023.08

Undisclosed bank



The overall Program management methodology was built on the foundation of the integration project methodology provided by MINDSPIRE throughout the previous four years with bank.
Furthermore, our company supported the bank in its multi-approach projects, whether they utilized classic Waterfall, Agile, or any custom-made format that fitted best the goals.
A new prioritization and scoring model was created to optimize Program resources.

PMO services scope and targets

The Program was set up as a result of two subsequent integration projects concerning the bank’s Serbian subsidiary, which had caused the organization to grow immensely and become the 2nd largest in balance and 1st largest in loans in the country, in under merely 4 years.

During this period, the focus had been on ensuring the mergers happen, and now there was time for modernization, digitalization, and improvements.

The Program envisioned delivering a rather ambitious scope of around 60 projects, affecting all divisions and domains, from the branch refurbishments to the CBS and beyond.

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Our main contribution to the project

Providing standardized processes, templates, documents, and guidance for the transformation Program.

Supporting the Program Director, the executive stakeholders, and program members via coordination, communication, and administrative tasks.

Providing methodology support for Project Management, delegating PMO representatives to projects.

Supporting and guiding the Program planning activities, tracking the execution, implementing and monitoring change management procedures, and risk management.

Project organization and roles

The MINDSPIRE team worked together with the bank’s Hungarian and Serbian teams.

Our company provided Program Management Office (PMO) services to support proper coordination and administration during the full improvement Program lifecycle.

MINDSPIRE Consulting also supported the Program Management activities with governance, planning and monitoring, risk management, and ensured effectiveness and transparency.

Our experts also contributed to managing the underlying projects of the program via its delegated Project Management support personnel.

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Our main involvement areas

  • Project management support
  • Program coordination
  • Program reporting and monitoring
  • Program Governance
  • Planning and follow-up of Milestones and Resources
  • Change Management

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • HQ PMO Lead
  • Deputy PMO Lead
  • Program administration coordinators
  • Project management support responsible persons
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