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Integration related activities within Integration Project



2018.08 – 2020.06

Undisclosed bank



Bank and MINDSPIRE integration methodology has been applied throughout the process.

Selected templates and standards ensured the proper execution, management, tracking and monitoring of the progress of activities. The appropriate and explicit end-to-end documentation and administration guaranteed the required transparency.

Methodology training sessions were organized for all participants, where the lately introduced templates were also explained.

As part of closing the project, lessons learned and findings from 100+ project members were collected, classified and consolidated.

Project scope and targets

Project was set up as a result of acquisition to merge two Banks.

15.5 months after the closing of the transaction the targeted legal, business and IT integration was successfully completed according to the formerly approved timeline.

MINDSPIRE played a key role in the project management, banking expert consultancy and administration, follow-up and documentation of the progress.

The standard integration methodology and experience, lessons learned from the previous integration projects have also been applied and further improved.
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Our main contribution

Our integration related activities included the leading the migration conceptual design, creating the migration strategy and implementation roadmap.

Collecting requirements and logical mapping rules of the dataset specific transformations.

Physical implementation and documentation of the transformation rules in MINDSPIRE DELTA migration tool.

Execute mock migrations, support technical and business rehearsals by providing test data, error reports and documentation.

Supporting rollout planning and execution of live migration process.

Support reconciliation process with customized reports.

Post-merge phase support for 3 months.

Project organization and roles

There were Hungarian, Bulgarian and Slovenian colleagues involved in the project team. The Bank’s Colleagues and several vendors delegated their subject matter experts into the various Working Groups.

To execute the integration, a dedicated MINDSPIRE on-site team was supporting the process, with Deputy Project Directors, integration experts, senior and junior banking consultants. MINDSPIRE project participants were an integrated part of the IT and business Working Groups.

Planning, monitoring and execution tasks were performed in cooperation with Bank’s HQ and MINDSPIRE Migration Team.
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Main involvement areas

  • Project Management Office roles: lead, management, expert, advisory, consultancy, administration and support, as well as Quality Assurance

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • PMO Lead
  • Deputy Project Directors
  • Senior and Junior Banking Consultants
  • Quality Assurance
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Violina Marinova

Violina Marinova

CEO of DSK Bank

Mindspire consultants would be a true asset for any company requiring proficient strategic approach in PM, leading the change and entering completely new fields of operations.

Gabriela Dzhezayryan

Gabriela Dzhezayryan

Head of Recruitment, Employer branding and innovations in DSk Bank

I would definitely recommend Mindspire as a team of professionals, who can supprt the delivery vast and complex projects with tangible results.

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