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Group Loan Origination Workflow Program 2.0


Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Hungary

2022.10 –

Unspecified Bank Group



The client’s and MINDSPIRE’s implementation methodologies were used throughout the process. Selected templates and standards ensured the proper execution, management, tracking, and progress monitoring of activities. Appropriate and explicit end-to-end documentation and administration guaranteed the required transparency. Methodology training sessions were organized for all participants, and the newly introduced templates were explained as well. The project uses agile approach with fortnightly sprints and agile ceremonies. The implementation is incremental and package-based.

Scope and targets

The goal is to increase the value proposition and efficiency of retail lending by introducing a Group-wide retail lending system.

Unified products and processes will be implemented across the Group.

The scope covers all retail segments and products.

The process will cover the real-time and batch pre-approval processes.

The target countries are Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Hungary.

The program provides an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a common core design for the Group, enabling localization and addressing specific local requirements.

The implementation is carried out by the bank’s head offices.

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Our main contribution to the Group Loan Origination Workflow Program 2.0 project

Preparing comprehensive documentation for the GLOW solution’s implementation.

Actively supporting the Program Manager, executives and stakeholders with information sharing, reporting, planning, monitoring, and preparation of decision making materials.

Providing assistance to the management, resource planning, coordination of program members, liaising with subsidiary banks, and providing IT architecture support.

Documenting and tracking the execution of deliverables, elaborating change control management and project risk records.

Supporting the design, development, deployment, testing, and monitoring process.

Project organization and roles

The organization of the Group Loan Origination Workflow Program 2.0 consists of the Project Management Office, the Infrastructure and Architecture Squad, the Implementation Squads, the Golden and Master Copy Squad, and the Program Manager.

Hungarian, Croatian, and Serbian colleagues and several vendors are involved.

The program regularly reports to the CEOs, Deputy CEOs, and Heads of Directorates of the bank’s group-level and local headquarters.

To ensure the implementation, a dedicated on-site MINDSPIRE PMO team supports the process, including banking consultants, a product owner, and an IT architect.

Planning, monitoring, and execution tasks are carried out in collaboration with the head office and the dedicated subsidiaries of the bank.

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Our main involvement areas

  • Project Management Office roles:
  • Business lead
  • Product owner
  • IT architect

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • PMO Lead
  • Project Management Office staff
  • Product Owner
  • IT architect
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