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MUREX project last phase



2019.07 – 2021.01

Undisclosed bank



Combination of waterfall and agile banking project management methodology.

Unorthodox software testing methodology.

Banking Transformation project scope and targets

The main scope was to upgrade the old version of Murex (2.11) to the up-to-date version (3.1.42) based on the as-is functionalities.

The main target was to get rid of the previous software version which contained serious database, application server and operating system vulnerabilities within the shortest possible time.

However meanwhile it turned out that due to the huge differences between the old and new Murex versions, the banking transformation project is rather to be considered as a new system implementation.

The new version of Murex offers more automated and updated solutions bringing added value to the bank.

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Our main contribution to the Murex implementation project

Providing banking project management activities, including roadmap and phase planning, milestone preparation, scope, budget and resource management, reporting to management of the bank.

Our company, MINDSPIRE Consulting provided an experienced software test manager for the application testing activities.

Four treasury business analysts with Murex Experience in different project streams (Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office, Interfaces), three juniors and one integration architect all played important roles in their respective areas.

Banking Transformation project organization and roles

The bank provided part time allocated internal business and IT resources.

Besides, the majority of the core banking transformation project team (40 people) were hired from external companies. The total number of the project team was over 100.

4-5 experts were bought from abroad with Murex system knowledge.

The core project team was organized in streams like Front Office, Interfaces, Post-Trade-Workflow, Accounting, etc.

The management of the bank closely monitored the progress with weekly Operative PSC and monthly PSC meetings.

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Our main involvement in the Murex implementation project

  • Banking transformation project planning
  • Project execution
  • Test co-ordination
  • Scope management
  • Project reporting and monitoring
  • Business consultancy

MINDSPIRE profiles involved in the project

  • Banking project manager
  • Business consultants
  • Software test coordinator
  • Junior software testers and coordinators
  • IT integration expert
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Our latest Banking Transformation References

You can find more information about our Banking Transformation Services here:

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