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Banking IT Transformation at a Moldovian Bank



2019 – 2022

Undisclosed bank


MINDSPIRE provided different types of methodology services during the entire execution of the program, including banking data migration, roll-out preparation, and execution.

Scope and targets

In 2019, the Moldovian bank was acquired by our client. Relevant parts of the IT infrastructure were provided and supported as a service by other entities of the previous bank group.

To separate the Moldovian bank’s infrastructure from the previous group, a comprehensive IT transformation program was initiated by our client.

The bank’s data centre was extended to serve the new target architecture locally.

Replacement of the Core Banking System.

Replacement of the card system.

Replacement of the corporate and mobile internet bank.

The program was affected by the Covid-19 period and subsequently by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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Our main contribution to the Banking IT Transformation at a Moldovian Bank project

MINDSPIRE provided various types of methodology and consulting services throughout the program.

MINDSPIRE was responsible for the end-to-end delivery of:

  • As-is business and IT capability assessment.
  • Data conversion (mapping) specification related to banking data migration.

MINDSPIRE experts were also involved in the following activities:

  • Assisting with IT architecture planning.
  • Supporting the Core Banking System gap analysis on the bank’s side.
  • Card provider selection through RFI/RFP.
  • Methodology support for banking data migration, roll-out preparation, and execution.
  • Continuous PMO operation.

Organization and roles

Before the transformation program was officially started, a group alignment project was executed. As part of it, the new infrastructure concept and the target architecture were formulated, including the selection of the Core Banking System and the card solutions.

This phase was driven by our client. Separation tasks from the previous organization were also followed up by a dedicated team.

The banking transformation program was led by the Moldovian bank’s project manager, and sub-projects were defined for the main initiatives, such as Datacentre, CBS, Card system, Internet and Mobile bank. Each sub-project had local responsibility.

The Project Management Office was set up with MINDSPIRE members. The program was monitored by the Steering- and Operative Committees.

The new organization’s IT Governance members were delegated to the committees and provided support in dedicated functions, such as test management and vendor management for the project.

Project managers were delegated by the key solution providers for CBS, card systems and e-channel solutions.

Business was involved in testing and education during the project.

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Our main involvement

  • Initiation of the banking transformation project
  • Planning activities
  • Implementation services
  • Validation tasks
  • Go-live support
  • Post go-live support

MINDSPIRE profiles involved in the project

  • Banking Project Manager
  • IT Architects
  • PMO Expert
  • PMO coordinators
  • Banking Data Migration Expert
  • Banking Data Migration Analysts
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