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MINDSPIRE’s 2021 Kick-off event

Mar 10, 2021 | MINDSPIRE News

Despite the pandemic we have closed a prosperous year

MINDSPIRE Consulting has held its regular Kick-off event on February 25, 2021. Due to the effective epidemiological measures, we were compelled to hold our annual meeting online this time. However, the management’s traditional review and the awards ceremony for consultants could not have been cancelled even this year.

2020 brought significant challenges for MINDSPIRE Consulting as well, as we had to switch to home office and the remote management of our projects overnight. We consider it a great success that we did not have to interrupt or significantly modify any of our projects due to the pandemic situation. Moreover, we have received several new assignments from the largest actors of the financial sector.

MINDSPIRE’s 2021 Kick-off event

The biggest challenge was the remote delivery of our foreign projects during the first lockdowns. Still, thanks to our colleagues’ and clients’ dedicated efforts, we managed to close all our large size projects successfully and in due time. During the year, our project team have managed the rehearsals and the actual merger of the OTP subsidiaries’ integration remotely in Bulgaria and Montenegro among others, while MINDSPIRE Consulting’s counselling team has brought the full replacement and migration of the bank account management system off through online tools and collaboration at our largest Slovakian client. Furthermore, we helped our clients to continue and close projects seamlessly with success in many Hungarian projects.

Over the last year, we had to complete not only the Management of our client relations and project deliveries mostly remotely, but we also placed the regular professional forums, trainings, workshops and team building events into the digital space. We have performed all these tasks in a way, that their quality and usability did not recede. We have supported our consultants work with online collaboration tools and solutions, facilitating knowledge share.

We have placed a great emphasis on the development of our services in 2020 also. Both the functionality of our DELTA application supporting data migration for banks and our TRANSPORT tool used in Flexcube parameterization has further expanded. We have also made use of these new functions during our projects.

Our expectations regarding the business year of 2021 are still very reassuring despite the existing epidemiological situation. We are working and planning to work on multiple, significant domestic project tasks this year. We would like to further strengthen the cooperation with our foreign clients’ because it is our unaltered priority to expand on the international market and identify new project opportunities.

It has become a tradition that the Management of MINDSPIRE Consulting awards the most successful projects and the outstanding performance of the consultants at our Kick-off event. This time, 18 awards in 8 categories was distributed. Our individual award-winners have received certificates and recognition for their outstanding project management performance, professional work, sales and controlling support.

The management of the company has acknowledged our three young consultants’ work and development, who have also received an iPad each beside the certificate of their outstanding achievement. Our Junior Program also supports the professional development of young consultants. Within this our colleagues can participate in training, team building and CSR programs and internal projects, while receiving continuous assessment and feedback from their senior mentors and the Program Leaders.

Besides the prize-winning individuals, MINDSPIRE Management has acknowledged three project achievements. The OTP Bulgarian bank integration, the K&H Bank Murex system upgrade and the Raiffeisen Instant Payment System projects and the colleagues working on those projects were recognized. The reward for the project teams each was an online cocktail making workshop enrolment.

In 2020, the project of the year became our Slovakian VUB Banka Flexcube implementation and migration project, in which almost 30 of our colleagues have participated. The project had lasted for more than two years and during that time our team had to tackle a plenty of challenges and unexpected turns so that the Czech subsidiary of VÚB Slovakia could start its first workday in January of 2021 after a successful data migration on an entirely new IT infrastructure. As a way of appreciation team members can participate in a joint online dinner preparation programme.

The winners have assessed the year 2020 as successful and they have experienced it positively. For nearly all the awardees success equals to satisfied clients and projects delivered on time. Positive feedback helped them achieve outstanding performance in projects.

In the 2021 event we have held a lively quiz competition, in which the participants answered witty questions regarding our projects. The winner of the first three places have also received awards.

We would like to congratulate the awardees and thank entire the MINDSPIRE team for their performance throughout the last year!

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