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Mindspire becomes part of Inovivo Group

Sep 30, 2019 | MINDSPIRE News

Through acquisition of shares in the company MINDSPIRE became a member of INOVIVO Group. The start of such strategic collaboration between the companies ensures a safe path and unique opportunities for MINDSPIRE to achieve it’s strategic objectives.

The strategic agreement signed between partners of MINDSPIRE and INOVIVO spans across all areas of future operations. Thanks to this strategic cooperation the Management Team of MINDSPIRE had been expanded with the arrival of Szabolcs HOMOLA as Chairman of the Board and Attila KOVÁCS as HR and Operations Partner.

MINDSPIRE becomes part of Innovivo Group

Mr. Homola is a well-known enterpreneur in the Hungarian IT Sector with a strong background of managing consulting companies for the last 20 years. Mr. Kovács is a Banking specialist, who had been active on the consultancy side for last 10+ years managing HR and operations of a large scale consultany firm. Both managers have a long professional history of working together with the Management team of MINDSPIRE.  This new Management structure provides more effective company operations while significantly strenthening capabilities for business expansion.

In line with the agreement, a significant team of Banking consultants have also joined MINDSPIRE and new clients and projects had also been added by INOVIVO to the existing portfolio of MINDSPIRE. Now with a staff of more than 160 consultants, MINDSPIRE became the largest consulting company in the Hungarian Banking Sector, while also becoming one of the top consulting firms in Hungary as well. This development is considered to contribute significantly to the regional business and delivery expansion plans of the Company in the coming years.

Becoming part of INOVIVO, one of the largest System Implementations firms in Hungary, brings us a wide range of opportunities for exploiting synergies within the Group and MINDSPIRE as well. Services in company operations can be further streamlined and consolidated in the areas of HR, IT and day-to-day operations. The Management and Sales collaboration within the Group enables us to provide services on an even wider scale than before, which helps us to provide our clients with end-to-end service coverage on projects spanning across various fields of banking operations and IT.

You can learn more about INOVIVO Group here.

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