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Let’s Do Good! – Employee Charity at Easter 2021

Apr 14, 2021 | MINDSPIRE News

Getting enthusiastic after our Christmas gift-giving event of 2020, we have decided together with our charitable colleagues to continue our ‘Let’s Do Good’ campaign. In 2021, we are making Easter preparation memorable for 38 lonely older people joining the Volunteer Center Foundation’s Friends of the Elderly Program.

The Foundation’s objective is to minimalize the alienation of older people living in their own home and prevent them from becoming isolated. The Volunteers of the Foundation visit seniors, they chat and walk with them and even support them by offering help (e.g., buying prescription drugs) occasionally. They also play board games with them, read to them and engage them in other leisure activities that increase their activity level and their openness to the world.

Employee Charity at Easter 2021

We have “reached” those lonesome ladies and gentlemen in connection with the 2021 easter gift-giving campaign of the Foundation. The volunteers have ferreted out what their solitary beneficiaries would fancy, so we only had to prepare a package for each person.

Obtaining the gifts was not an easy task, though, as the austerity measures for the shops’ business hours had been announced a few days before the campaign’s launch. Some of us had troubles with the mail order services. The order did not arrive, so they needed to improvise. Of course, it did not pose a problem to us, as we are consultants, so we find the workaround solution for every situation. This was the case with the charity donation as well.

The gift parcels contained home-made roll cakes, preserves, jams, chocolates, cell phones (to keep contact with grandchildren living halfway across the world), literature books, garden flower seedlings, laptops (replacing broken PCs), special herbs and spices, indoor plants and in one of them, a nice bottle of perfume. Moreover, every parcel had a shorter or longer personal letter, some FFP2 masks and multivitamin pills in it.

After the purchase, only the collection of the gifts was to be completed. We also have managed to overcome the difficulties caused by the office’s closing; our assistant colleague had been waiting for our consultants with the parcels. Those who could not arrive at the office collection point in the given time slot had the opportunity to take the “deliveries” to the closest living volunteers. All boxes, sacks, trays and bags had arrived in time without fail.

The gift parcels were delivered to the Volunteer Centre Foundation’s Friends of the Elderly Program sites at the end of March. The seniors have received the gifts from the colleagues of the Foundation. They were glad and touched greatly by the sight of the unexpected presents.

We hope we managed to cheer them up with these donations and make the Easter holidays of 2021 a little better in this way!

We appreciate the altruistic support of the Foundation’s colleagues participating in the campaign very much. We are also thanking the volunteers of the foundations for the ideas and the delivery of the gifts!

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