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Successful ServiceNow implementation for an energy company in 2023


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The nearly one-year project, in which our company, MINDSPIRE Consulting implemented the ServiceNow SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management) module as a member of a supplier team for a major domestic energy service company was completed in June 2023.

The supplier team covered all the competencies required for the system implementation with the roles of Project Manager, Scrum Master, ServiceNow Business Analyst, ServiceNow Architect, and ServiceNow Developer, in order to provide end-to-end implementation and comprehensive implementation services.

The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution implemented during the project is utilized for planning, approving the initiation, managing the frameworks, resources, and optional reallocations of the investments, as well as monitoring, progress evaluation and project closure.

Zsolt Bajzáth

Zsolt Bajzáth

Senior Key Account Manager and Head of ServiceNow / ITSM services

Zsolt has been working in the financial consulting sector for more than 10 years. He gained significant experience working as a business analyst and IT project manager (PMP) primarily in application implementation, IT operation, business process reengineering and high complexity banking mergers. Zsolt is playing a key role in stakeholder management as well.

Introducing the successfull ServiceNow implemantation project

The main objective of the implementation was to replace the previously used project support solution, which was at the end of its life cycle, with a modern tool. The selection of the appropriate application was carried out by our client in the framework of a request for proposal procedure.

The ServiceNow application was chosen not only for its portfolio management capabilities, but also because of higher-level architecture design considerations. It came up that even in the near future, by introducing additional modules, the functions of several applications could be managed via the same platform, thereby exploiting the capabilities of the ServiceNow solution.

Our company carried out the in many aspects complex and challenging project as a member of a delivery team, which, in addition to the main contractor, also included Onespire Ltd. The project team carried out the task requiring significant effort in a professional manner, in a good mood, and on time according to the client’s expectations.

Successful ServiceNow implementation project 2023

The ServiceNow SPM solution implemented during the project made it possible to phase out two previous PPM systems. In addition, the new application had to be integrated with six connecting software using REST API and SOAP interfaces. The coordination of the agile development sprints we used with the client-side development teams was a challenge for both the client and the suppliers.

Today a large number of users at more than eighty companies in the company group acting in different roles manage the various investment needs, planned and ongoing projects, programs and project portfolios in the new solution created, mainly from an investment and financial perspective.

Based on the client’s feedback, the users’ opinion of the developed solution is remarkably positive, on the easy-to-use and intuitive interface it is possible to efficiently monitor and manage projects.

The task was unique for our company in many ways, it was the first Project and Portfolio Management solution that we introduced not only for managing IT projects, and our first ServiceNow implementation for an energy industry client. Our service management experts have gained important experience in the greenfield ServiceNow implementation.

More information about the service management and ServiceNow services of our company, MINDSPIRE Consulting is available here: https://www.mindspire-consulting.com/service-management-and-servicenow/

A short overview of the ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers a range of IT service management (ITSM) and business process automation solutions. The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is a module within the ServiceNow platform designed to help organizations effectively manage their projects and project portfolios.

The key features and aspects associated with ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management solution cover the following areas:

  • Project Management: ServiceNow PPM provides tools to help plan, track, and manage projects.
  • Portfolio Management: The portfolio management functionality allows organizations to align projects with strategic business goals.
  • Resource Management: ServiceNow PPM assists in resource management by helping organizations allocate and manage resources efficiently.
  • Financial Management: ServiceNow PPM may include financial management capabilities for tracking project budgets, expenses, and financial forecasts.
  • Demand Management: The demand management features help organizations capture, evaluate, and prioritize project demands.
  • Integration with ITSM: ServiceNow PPM is often integrated with other modules within the ServiceNow platform, providing a comprehensive solution for managing both project and service workflows.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting and analytics tools are typically available within ServiceNow PPM, allowing users to generate custom reports and dashboards to monitor project and portfolio performance.
  • Automation and Workflow: Automation features streamline project and portfolio workflows, improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.

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Successful ServiceNow implementation for an energy company in 2023
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