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ServiceNow implementation for a Slovenian Bank




Unspecified Slovenian Bank



The project was executed using agile methodology, working in sprints for faster time to market and risk reduction.

Service Management project scope and targets

The slovenian Bank has chosen ServiceNow ITSM Platform to support, consolidate and continuously improve its IT Service Management processes.

Currently the Bank is in the process to rollout standardized, group-wide service management processes to its subsidiaries by implementing ServiceNow, in a first phase the MVP of CMDB, Service Catalogue, Incident, Request and Change request management.

In addition to the group-wide benefits, the following local expectations and requirements were in focus during the ServiceNow implementation in Slovenia:

  • Increase the Service Management maturity level, aiming at more efficient IT operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced IT Asset and Configuration Management capabilities.
  • Replace legacy banking applications and tools.
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Our main contribution to the ServiceNow implementation 

MINDSPIRE Consulting acted as the main contractor for the rollout activities.

ITCE as a subcontractor was MINDSPIRE’s ServiceNow implementation partner.

MINDSPIRE provided the banking project management, the professional supervision and was the guarantee to transform the internationally diverse teams into a high-performant one by fully utilizing the delivery teams.

Our company was also successfully making a bridge between group standards and local expectations, aligning local requirements with HQ standardization efforts and Out-of-the-box approach.

Provide aftercare support during the first months of production usage of the ServiceNow solution.

Project organization and roles

The ServiceNow implementation sprints were preceded by a diagnosis sprint and were finished with aftercare for the completeness and fulfilling customer expectations.

The Banking Project Manager provided by MINDSPIRE took ultimate responsibility for the ServiceNow rollout, supported by a MINDSPIRE solution architect and process experts.

The architect amongst others also fulfilled a Quality Assurance role, to keep the parallelly running banking transformation projects within the standards and synchronized.

Our Banking Project Manager was closely cooperating with the delivery team (ITCE), the local teams, the Group Process Management and Group Competence teams.

User Stories and Test Management were supported by ServiceNow integrated modules, with MINDSPIRE Consulting’s Banking Project Manager and test management support.

The ServiceNow implementation for a slovenian bank was successfully completed in 4,5 months, according to the original planning.

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Our main involvement in the ServiceNow implementation

  • Banking Project Management
  • Preparation
  • Alignment
  • Service Now Implementation
  • Testing

MINDSPIRE profiles involved in the project

7 experts, 3 FTE:

  • Banking Project Manager
  • Junior project admin
  • ServiceNow architect
  • ServiceNow Product Owner
  • ServiceNow Implementation Business Analyst
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