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ServiceNow development, implementation, support and replacement for a Hungarian Bank



2009 – 2022

Unspecified Hungarian Bank



Application strategy, Business Process Reengineering, Software implementation, GAP Analysis, Implementation roadmap and project planning.

Service Management project scope and targets

Optimization of the processes regarding the services provided by the centralized areas of the Bank, such as back office, business, organization, IT operation and development.

To develop and maintain an ITIL based IT Service Management application for the bank, which can be used as a single point of contact system for supporting the communication between the different organization units.

The developed service management system increased the transparency of the processes of the bank and provided information about the requests and the quality of the services level of the involved organization units.

Replacement of obsoleted concurrent banking applications.

Replacement of old system with ServiceNow.

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Our main contribution to the ServiceNow development

Assessment of banking processes and business process reengineering to align processes with IT system capabilities.

Develop service catalogue and collection of service parameters for the bank (SLA, opening hours, service description, etc.).

End-to-end application development (design, requirement analysis, development, testing, roll-out):

  • Portal: SAP Portal and later Liferay portal 6
  • UI Toolkit: Vaadin 6 GUI
  • J2EE engine: Apache Tomcat 6
  • Message Queuing: Apache ActiveMQ
  • Reporting: Pentaho BI

Provide L1 and L2 application support (incident management, requests, consultancy and training services).

Banking project management and coordination support.

Provide methodology to design the replacement of the service management system (GAP analysis, project planning).

Project organization and roles

Stage 1: End-to-end responsibility during the design and the implementation of the system supervised by the project sponsor.

Stage 2: The Client delegated internal project management and business analyst resources.

Stage 3: The Client handed over the administration of the system and support was provided by MINDSPIRE.

Stage 4: Professional support to replace the application with ServiceNow.

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Our main involvement in the ServiceNow development

  • Preparation
  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Banking Data Migration
  • ServiceNow Maintenance

MINDSPIRE profiles involved in the project

3-10 FTE experts:

  • Banking Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • BPR expert
  • Test Manager, Tester
  • System Analyst
  • IT System Architect
  • ServiceNow Developer
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Our latest service management references

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