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GDPR compliance project



2017.12 – 2019.06

Undisclosed bank



The methodologies utilized throughout the GDPR compliance project were bank specific IT and BA processes.

Bank specific and MINDSPIRE Consulting’s project management support methodologies, including various reports, templates and standards.

GDPR compliance project scope and targets

After the legislative changes regarding the new europen GDPR regulations, the client personal data handling processes had to be significantly modified.

Full IT, legal and business delivery of methodology and strategy to have an integrated process for client data masking and deletion in the whole bank across all systems.

After the deletion and masking of current client data in all the affected banking systems, design and development of an automated post project process in line with the new data protection standards and regulations.

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Our main contribution to the project

Business specification creation for selecting the clients that can be anonymized in line with the new european GDPR requirements.

Participation in the development of the personal data selection script.

Preparation of the anonymization process in the bank’s core banking systems.

Supporting the various GDPR compliance project managers in project coordination tasks.

Administrative and documentation support throughout the banking transformation project.

Test scope and plan preparation for testing the anonymization and the banking data masking process.

Providing test coordination support to the bank.

GDPR compliance project organization and roles

MINDSPIRE Consulting’s banking experts worked closely together with other external parties as well as bank employees during the GDPR compliance project.

Our company provided support in project management roles to help in the coordination of the various project activities.

MINDSPIRE Consulting staff provided some specialist support in BA services in order to help the specification phase of the GDPR compliance project.

The provided project management support also acted as a Test Coordination support, as well to plan and coordinate the execution of Functional and IT tests.

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Toolset used for the GDPR compliance project

Bank specific Test Management Tools and Guidelines.

Our main involvement areas

  • Banking Project Management support
  • Test Coordination and Management
  • Business Analysis
  • IT development support

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • Banking PMO Assistant / Admin
  • Test Coordinator
  • Business Analyst
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