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Complex data transfer for the parent company with DELTA tool

Aug 17, 2022 | Project Management News, Data Migration News

Our task at Erste Investment Ltd., the leading provider of investment services was to transfer the consolidated company customer data required by the foreign parent company and to develop a detailed accounting, risk management, controlling data transfer process and implement the IT solution.

To execute the regular data transmissions, we have used MINDSPIRE’s self-developed DELTA tool, which was extended with special data transfer functions.

Complex data transfer for the parent company

Erste Investment Ltd. is the largest investment service provider in Hungary, with more than 15 years of experience in investment and the financial security provided by the international banking background.

The aim of the project, which took place between June 2020 and May 2022, was to integrate the data of Erste Investment Ltd. into the Erste Group BI Chain, similar to the other subsidiaries of the Group providing financial but not banking services in seven different countries.

In the project, in addition to the three-step data transfer phases, new business processes had to be developed, including the impairment loss calculation process according to IFRS9, the transaction and customer level late payment management and the collateral allocation process. The developments completed at Erste Investment Ltd. had to fulfill the data quality indicators prescribed in Erste Group’s multi-round mandatory test cycles.

The project went successfully live with the cooperation of Erste Investment Ltd., Erste Bank, Erste Group and half a dozen suppliers, with the collaboration of nearly 100 participants.

MINDSPIRE participated in the project with 4-6 consultants in:

  • operational project management,
  • preparation of business specifications,
  • interpretation and application of the data transfer standards,
  • parameterization of the DELTA tool provided by MINDSPIRE,
  • architectural design,
  • IT integration,
  • testing in planning,
  • go-live coordination.

MINDSPIRE’s treasury experts successfully and to a high standard met the challenge of implementing the data transfer requirements, which were originally designed for the product structure of credit institutions, to the specific investment product portfolio of Erste Investment Ltd.

The business description and IT mapping of the thousands of transformation rules required to create Erste Group’s data transfer formats from the data coming from the various source systems of Erste Investment Ltd. was implemented in the MINDSPIRE DELTA system.

We used the following features of the DELTA system as an ETL tool during the project:

  • DELTA is capable of managing multiple file formats and any relational database, both in terms of source and target systems. We have used both csv and xlsx source files, and ORACLE and MS SQL database sources as well.
  • MINDSPIRE’s experts and Erste Investment Ltd.’s business analysts parameterized the transformation rules of the three data services, the method of loading the source data and exporting the transformed data, as well as the workflows describing the data flows.
  • The various steps of the data streams were automatically scheduled with different timings on a control interface.
  • The individual processes are carried out in a completely enclosed system by the scheduler, thereby ensuring auditability.
  • Template reports providing validation steps have been set up at various points of the data transfer, providing information on the current result of the process at itemized and aggregated levels.
  • Delta sends e-mail notification about the successful or failed execution of process steps to a predefined group of users.
  • In accordance with Erste Investment Ltd.’s business and IT requirements, the data belonging to the data transfer are automatically archived on a scheduled basis, thus preventing the large-scale growth of the database.

We are proud to have been part of the Erste Investment Ltd. team and contributed to the growth of Erste Group’s data assets with our innovative professional solutions.

Delta tool data transfer Erste 2022

Our Clients Said

Zoltán Dencs

Zoltán Dencs

Head of Middle & Back Office - Erste Investment Ltd.

"With the support of MINDSPIRE, we successfully connected to the group-level data transfer requirement system. Their colleagues represented themselves at the highest professional level in all necessary areas, and their IT solutions contributed greatly to the success of the project. MINDSPIRE is an excellent choice in a fast-changing environment, with ever-increasing demands. There is no segment of our industry in which they cannot provide adequate professional support."

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