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We are hiring Junior Consultants!

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Junior Consultant position description

About us

MINDSPIRE is a young, dynamically growing consulting company with domestic and international projects.

Our clients come primarily from the banking sector, our consulting services include business processes organization, implementation of corporate applications and executing complex system integration projects.

For our new projects we are looking for career starters, or applicants with 1-2 years work experience, who are interested in consulting and in job opportunities abroad.

Main responsibilities:

  • Supporting the work of senior consultants and project managers,
  • Administrative support of our projects,
  • Assessment, analysis, tracking of business processes and products,
  • Parameterization and testing of IT systems,
  • Participation in the preparation of decision-making materials and development proposals.


  • 1-2 years of project work experience preferably in the financial sector, that you acquired during or directly after your university studies,
  • Willingness to travel, or relocate to other country,
  • Work experience in banking environment and knowledge of some banking products and processes.

Basic requirements:

  • University degree in Economics or in Business Informatics,
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English,
  • Confidence in using Microsoft Office toolset especially PowerPoint and Excel (formulas and pivot tables),
  • Willingness to work in a team, with strong ability to work independently,
  • Quick adaptability and preference for diverse work,
  • Openness for self-development, willingness for later project coordination tasks,
  • Good analytical skills and solution-oriented mindset,
  • Openness for processes, products and IT soltutions of financial institutions,
  • Good communication skills,
  • Want to work in an international environment and are willing to travel abroad,
  • Should not be afraid of administrative tasks.

Tags of the position:

  • Bank, Insurance, Broker
  • Analyst, Consultant
  • Analysis
  • Full-time

Required experience:

Non-applicable, no experience required

Required language skills:

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

Location of work:

Budapest and CEE countries

What We Offer

MINDSPIRE career: Diverse work icon

Diverse and challenging work

MINDSPIRE career: Participation icon

Participation in international financial institution projects

MINDSPIRE career: Long term learning icon

Participation in MINDSPIRE Junior Program. Long-term learning and development opportunities.

MINDSPIRE career: Professional support icon

Professional support and assistance through dedicated senior pairs

MINDSPIRE career: Competitive benefits icon

Competitive benefits package

MINDSPIRE career: Laptop and mobile icon

Laptop, mobile internet and mobile phone for work

MINDSPIRE Junior Program

MINDSPIRE junior program senior support
Dedicated senior pair

We believe that ‘learning by doing’ is the most efficient way to become a consultant. Therefore, each of our junior colleagues have a dedicated senior overseeing their performance and coaching them. They are usually direct supervisors, allocating the tasks appropriate to the juniors’ level of experience and skills, and at the same time providing the necessary feedback for improvement.

MINDSPIRE junior program career
Carrier paths

Financial consulting has several areas an entrant can choose from. Some of our colleagues are interested in becoming professional experts with deep understanding in specialized areas such as core banking, back office, compliance, treasury, or e-channels. Certain consultants will be experts in information technology related fields like system integrations or IT operations, and others will learn everything about project management. During the MINDSPIRE Junior Program, our colleagues are encouraged to find their own interests and their development path is set according to that.

MINDSPIRE junior program post work activities
After-work professional activities

In addition to trainings, we regularly organize professional events for the junior staff. During these occasions one can learn about MINDSPIRE’s services and projects, meet senior colleagues or discuss specific issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pizza night with experienced consultants, a presentation from the service leads, these sessions will widen your professional knowledge and help you become a better consultant.

MINDSPIRE junior program community
A community to belong

Another important element of the MINDSPIRE Junior Program is the community itself. We organize voluntary programs, so our employees can participate in exciting events outside of the work environment. In a non-pandemic world this means a wide range of team building activities, such as trying out paintball or go-kart, visiting escape rooms, or just having a drink together at a nice place. Last year we moved these events to the online space, where we played games like virtual escape rooms or similar.

MINDSPIRE junior program feedback
Regular feedback and formalized evaluation

A key element of our Junior Program is the regular and constructive feedback provided by the senior colleagues. Apart from this we operate a formalized evaluation system ensuring that the progress of our junior consultants is measured objectively. This is also designed to help them to see the path they are on, what they have already learned and what needs to be gained in order to become an independent consultant.

MINDSPIRE junior program training
Mandatory and optional trainings

Within the Junior Program we offer a course about the basic knowledge required to start to work as a consultant, and later advance in the selected professional career path. A set of compulsory lectures ensure that the same hard and soft skills are gained by all junior staff. Other optional MINDSPIRE trainings are more specific to certain professional areas we are engaged with.

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Would you like to apply?

If you are interested in our Banking sector Junior Consultant position, please send us your resume to job@mindspire-consulting.com and we will get in touch with you soon.

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Our colleagues said

Kristóf Csalánosi

Kristóf Csalánosi

Junior Consultant

“I started working as a junior consultant at MINDSPIRE in January 2020 which was the best possible decision, because they also pay lots of attention to us, junior consultants.
The diverse, increasingly complex tasks and the trainings give me every opportunity to build my consulting career.”

Timea Sárdi

Tímea Sárdi


"During my junior years at MINDSPIRE I could learn a lot from my leaders by receiving professional and personnal support and by seeing their attitude towards responsibilities. I could gain experience in a safe environment as I always had (and still have) many senior colleagues to whom I could turn to. Besides learning a lot about project management, the great team experience motivated me to give my all."

Krisztián Tamás

Krisztián Tamás

Junior Consultant

"The trainings I have received during the junior program made it easier for me to handle the obstacles during my project work. I could share my experiences with junior colleagues and get advice from senior counselors, which also helped my development."

Marianna Angalét

Marianna Angalét


"Workplace diversity at MINDSPIRE is not just a resounding slogan, almost each day offers new challenges. Working as a consultant one can experience the joy of creation, which is especially important to me. MINDSPIRE supports the development with high quality trainings; there is a wide range of professional and soft-skill trainings."

Martin Gyuresko

Martin Gyureskó

Junior Consultant

"The junior program with trainings provides support and development in my work, and the junior evenings bring laughter and joy into my life."

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Looking forward to seeing YOU in our team!

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Looking forward to seeing You in our team!

MINDSPIRE career photo montage
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