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New reconciliation module of the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool


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Jan 17, 2024 | Data Migration News

The application developed by our company, the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool has been enhanced with a completely new module supporting the reconciliation process.

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Overview of the reconciliation process performed during data migration

Reconciliation is the validation point at the end of the data migration process, which verifies the correctness and completeness of the data migration at the aggregate and analytical level. We presented the reconciliation methodology and its importance in data migration tasks in our blog post below: Effective data migration validation

Kamilla Kundrík

Kamilla Kundrík

DELTA Product Manager

Kamilla has more than 15 years of sector-independent system implementation experience. She is is responsible for the business and IT development of MINDSPIRE’s DELTA tool, as well as providing support and quality assurance for the IT tasks of migration projects.

Using the MINDSPIRE DELTA tool reconciliation is performed following the below high-level process:

  • loading the source and target data involved in the reconciliation into the DELTA tool based on business needs and priorities per data area;
  • filtering and preparing the loaded source and target data based on business needs for more effective comparability;
  • the business and technical definition of the reconciliation rules per data sets, i.e. the parameterization of the comparison method of source and target data;
  • running the established reconciliation process, which actually performs the comparison based on the established rules, then records and logs the result;
  • defining business reports and generating report files based on the results of the comparison.

With the implementation of the new module, the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool ensures the above process according to the diagram below:

Reconciliation process figure

Data loading using the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool

The logical operation of the data import functionality for reconciliation is similar to that of migration:

  • loading can be accomplished by processing data files in different formats, or even transferring data tables connected to heterogeneous relational databases;
  • in both cases, the validation after data import, which is usual for migration, also takes place here, during data loading all data is verified based on the corresponding data definition, and in case of an error, the issue is logged and subsequently automatically reported.

Compared to the process established during data migration the difference is that in addition to the source data, in the case of reconciliation, it is also possible to load the target data as described above.

Introducing the MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool

MINDSPIRE Delta Data Migration Tool is a powerful, ready-to-use, parameterizable data transformation and process management engine.

DELTA was built to support our data migration projects in the banking and financial services industry, perfectly complementing our Data Migration Services and proprietary data migration methodology.

Learn more about the MINDSPIRE DELTA data migration tool.

MINDSPIRE DELTA reconciliation screen

Preparing data for reconciliation

In order to carry out a more effective reconciliation, the uploaded data can be prepared and restructured as required, just like in the case of MINDSPIRE DELTA’s migration functionality. During the reconciliation, this preparation can be performed not only on the source data, but also on the target data involved in the reconciliation in a transparent, version-managed manner.

Data filtering during reconciliation

It is possible to perform filters on the data involved in the reconciliation – both on the source data and the target data – in accordance with business needs and rules ensuring data consistency, so that data irrelevant to the reconciliation can be excluded from the process. Each data extraction is logged at the level of data field and validated rule, and on the basis of this verification reports can be prepared.

MINDSPIRE DELTA reconciliation module

Managing reconciliation rulesets

Similar to the migration the reconciliation ruleset is stored at the database level and is automatically versioned for full change tracking.

In a reconciliation ruleset, rules are grouped according to data tables, either for all fields or only for business-critical fields, according to business needs. The MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool provides complete flexibility in this regard.

Reconciliation rules can be defined simply by parameterization and can be tested at the moment of recording, even for predefined records.
The reconciliation ruleset is status-managed, so that the development and testing cycles do not interfere with each other and can even be executed overlapping or parallel to each other.

MINDSPIRE DELTA editing reconciliation rules

Managing reconciliation reports

In the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool reports can be run on the results of the reconciliation. In our application, it is also possible to define individual reports, but the most typical business reports for the reconciliation process have also been created as templates, so they can be run with mere parameterization and without developer knowledge.

MINDSPIRE DELTA reconciliation reports

Managing and executing reconciliation processes

With the support of MINDSPIRE DELTA, all parameters related to reconciliation can be fitted into a two-level workflow, similar to migration, and can be run partially or in whole. The execution can be done manually or automatically, or even scheduled, but completely separated from the migration processes.

Managing and running reconciliation processes

In the MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool, the above process was designed according to the following aspects:

  • The parameters and processes involved in migration and reconciliation are completely separated from each other.
  • Due to the separation, running the parameters and processes involved in migration and reconciliation do not affect each other. The reconciliation functionality was created in a dedicated module. However, even the migration process and the reconciliation process can be parameterized within a device instance and can be run in parallel with suitable resources (hardware environment).
  • Migration parameterization is neither commercially nor technically a prerequisite for reconciliation parameterization. Reconciliation works exclusively on data extracted from the source and target system, according to the set parameters and process.
  • Similar to migration, setting up the reconciliation process does not require special IT knowledge. The process can also be carried out by business analysts simply by setting parameters, minimal customization (writing SQL scripts) may be necessary when required.
  • The reconciliation functions were designed following the well-known operation of MINDSPIRE DELTA, so in addition to knowing the methodology, the tool can be learned and used very quickly.


The newly introduced reconciliation feature of the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool significantly contributes to the simple but effective execution of the most important validation of the migration and ensures the correctness and completeness of the data migration process.

The most important advantage of our reconciliation solution is that, in most cases, the reconciliation process, which is carried out by IT experts and involves many unique developments, can be executed by business analysts in the MINDSPRIRE DELTA data migration tool, without development or other special IT knowledge.

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New reconciliation module of the MINDSPIRE DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool
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