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Delta Migration Tool New functions introduced

Nov 10, 2019 | Data Migration News

We are proud to announce that the functionalities of our DELTA Migration Tool had been further extended. The new version of DELTA, released today provides enhanced capabilities both in core functions and the user interface as well, supporting our clients and projects on an even higher level.

DELTA, MINDSPIRE’s own Migration Tool is a ready-to-use, powerful application with migration specific functionality, covering parameterisable data transformation and process management, built-in reporting and dashboards.

The tool is developed by MINDSPIRE’s Migration Service under the governance and continuous feedback of our Banking Migration experts. Since it’s very first version, DELTA had proven its strong capabilities on 6 successful Banking Migration projects , while currently it is actively used on 5 parallel implementation and integration projects of MINDSPIRE throughout the CEE and SEE region.

Data migration validation - Delta tool

Delta Migration Tool new functions and improvements released in this version

Enhancement of stage module functionality, by adding new data validation option to the direct import of source database tables. With this new function, on-the-fly verification can be included in the import procedure, in order to ensure, that received database tables are complying with predefined source data structures.

Implementation of new output data formats for exporting transformed data: Flat file and XML are now available options to choose as target file formats. Similar to already existing formats, basic parameters (encoding, character set, etc.) of the created output file is configurable, providing easy adaption to the requirements of any target system upload interfaces.

New process step added to the process designer functionality:  This enables to integrate pre-set SQL scripts in the automatic process execution, and provides an additional possibility of transparent and traceable data processing. The new step is compatible with all existing process customisation feature. Thus, it can be easily added to already implemented processes, can be set as part of parallel process running, or for testing purposes, it can be temporarily disabled form the execution, similar to other standard process steps.

Besides the Delta Migration Tool new functions overview you can learn more about DELTA and our Data Migration Services by clicking here.

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