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Our Temenos Transact (T24) core banking system related services

The expert Temenos Transact team of our company, MINDSPIRE Consulting, has many years of experience in implementation, integration, and system operation.

Whether it is providing critical business or IT expert resources, implementing a specific project, a core banking system replacement, or a business transformation program, we have a proven track record of fully meeting the expectations of our clients.

Learn more about our Temenos Transact (T24) CBS services!

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Temenos Core Banking

Temenos Transact (formerly T24) is the most successful and widely used core banking system in the world.

The solution offers the most comprehensive and richest banking functionality in retail, corporate, treasury, wealth management and payment services.

More than 1,000 financial institutions in over 150 countries rely on the Temenos Transact core banking system to provide market-leading and innovative products and services to their customers.


The various projects and activities affecting the Temenos Transact core banking system present significant challenges.

For their proper management a significant amount of resources with specific knowledge is required.

Core banking system services challenges illustration

Is there sufficient and appropriate level of knowledge available internally to support the bank-specific, customized adaptation of Temenos Transact on a daily basis?

Can the organization relying on its own resources manage the monitoring and implementation of the new Temenos versions, including the localization package?

Is internal or external expertise available to take full advantage of Temenos’ advanced capabilities, such as the use of multivalue data fields?

Are performance problems that may occur in the CBS system when processing large amounts of data handled quickly and efficiently?

Does the bank have the specific knowledge and resources required to maintain and develop the OFS API for Temenos Transact integration?

MINDSPIRE Consulting’s answers

The activities related to the Temenos Transact core banking system can be challenging due to the characteristics of the solution, which requires deep application-specific knowledge in addition to understanding of bank-specific requirements, parameterization, modifications, and solutions.

In addition to their general banking and CBS qualifications and experience, MINDSPIRE consultants and developers have a thorough understanding of the operation, logic, and IT solutions of the Temenos Transact (T24) core banking system.

With MINDSPIRE Consulting’s practice-proven and continuously updated core banking transformation methodology, our Temenos Transact (T24) experts can significantly reduce the strategic planning efforts of financial institutions and help to identify unfeasible ideas early.

In addition to our integration services related to the Temenos Transact core banking system, our company also provides professional and industry-specific banking data migration and banking project office (PMO) support for financial institutions in the region.

Overview of MINDSPIRE’s Temenos Transact services

MINDSPIRE Consulting’s experienced team of consultants can provide efficient support to our clients at all stages of the implementation and use of the Temenos Transact core banking system.

During implementation, our services cover project initiation, planning, custom solution development, application parameterization, interface design, testing of CBS and related banking systems, and preparing the IT environment for the live operations of the Temenos Transact core banking solution.

Following the successful completion of the implementation project, our experts will be available continuously to support the day-to-day operation and optimization of the Temenos CBS, the installation and deployment of updates, the maintenance of the localization package and OFS API, and the functional enhancements.

On request, our experts can provide Temenos Transact training and education to help bank the employees to work efficiently on a daily basis.


Our company can take on a full system integrator role due to its knowledge of the Temenos Transact core banking system and its own implementation methodology, as well as through its efficiency-enhancing tools that can manage even the most complex changes in banking systems.

Our consultants have more than ten years of Temenos CBS implementation and operational experience, and many of our business analysts and systems integrators have several years of experience in a major large banking Temenos Transact implementation project.

Methodology title

We offer our own CBS transformation methodology proven in a number of core banking projects to our clients.

Our experts use the methodology to reduce the cost of strategic planning.

Toolset title

With our templates, core banking transformation projects can be executed more efficiently.

Our proprietary tools can reduce the risks of transformation projects.

Resources title

Our team of over 80 experts has proven its ability to deliver on several occasions.

We have been involved in many successful and significant core banking transformation projects, both in Hungary and in the region.

Successfully delivered CBS transformation projects

Projects implemented in different countries

Number of Core Banking consultants

Man-years of accumulated experience


Experience with CBS

The team of experts at MINDSPIRE Consulting acquired significant core banking system implementation experience over the past 20 years.

Several of our consultants have 10+ years of domestic and international Temenos T24 implementation and operation experience.

Many of our business analyst and system organizer employees have gained many years of experience in a major Temenos Transact implementation project at a large bank.

Our team is made up of senior consultants with significant client-side experience in the implementation, development, and operation of various banking systems, which enables them to approach the needs, challenges, and possible solutions emerging during financial institution transformation projects not only from the supplier’s viewpoint.

A key part of our services is the implementation and support of bank data migration tasks, and our experts have proven their expertise in more than fifty projects.

Core banking system services experinence illustration
Core banking system services tools illustration


Our company has a well-developed Project Management Office toolset used in several financial institution M&A projects, which can be utilized to significantly reduce the time required for project initiation in core banking system implementation and migration projects.

For more than six years, MINDSPIRE Consulting has been using the DELTA Banking Data Migration Tool for efficient, fast, and easily auditable execution of data migration tasks arising during system implementation and M&A projects.

Our banking system integration experts have extensive experience in creating planning documentation for projects involving system integration tasks of various sizes, we can speed up the integration planning processes with ready-made templates and predefined content requirements.

CBS Methodology

When implementing Temenos Transact core banking systems, we can combine our own sophisticated PMO methodology with elements of the Temenos Implementation Methodology (TIM) supported by Temenos.

This enables us to provide an effective solution to business transformation issues (BPR) in addition to technology and design challenges during CBS implementation projects.

The use of our existing banking process catalogue supports us in ensuring that we can provide a complete scope of the project during our implementation projects, as well as clearly identify any missing, unaddressed processes.

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Our latest Banking Transformation References

You can find more information about our Banking Transformation Services here:

Delta migration tool text logo

Extracting, Transforming and Loading data of banks using MINDSPIRE DELTA Data Migration Tool.

Main element of our services is the ready-to-use, powerful application with banking data migration specific functionality, covering parameterisable data transformation and process management, built-in reporting and dashboards.

DELTA was built to support our data migration projects in the banking and financial services industry, perfectly complementing our Data Migration Services and proprietary data migration methodology.

Discover how MINDSPIRE Consulting’s universally applicable, platform and system independent engine can speed up banking data migration processes, while reducing costs and ensuring data validity!

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