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AD authentication and mapping updates in TRANSPORT Tool

Jun 1, 2020 | Banking Transformation News

A new release of TRANSPORT contains some mapping updates and authentication connectivity option to Microsoft’s ActiveDirectory.

TRANSPORT, MINDSPIRE’s own Core Banking Parametrization Tool can help with:

  • checking whether parameters are 100% aligned with parameter documentation,
  • documenting parameters in a business understandable parameter sheet format,
  • moving parameters between environments,
  • speeding up the root cause analysis of paramterization regressions.

The tool is developed by MINDSPIRE’s Banking Transformation Service under the governance and continuous feedback of our experts working on core banking implementations.

Updates in TRANSPORT Tool: AD authentication

Updates in TRANSPORT tool in this release:

  • a new authentication connectivity option was introduced to AD,
  • supporting FlexCube connection strings with untrusted https certificates,
  • new design,
  • many new functions supported,
  • a quick search box,
  • and a function dependency graph.

Other than the built-in authentication, we also support connecting TRANSPORT to an organization’s Active Directory for user authentication.

We have a much nicer new UI design, and have finished mapping 147 functions. This is such a great number, that it became non-trivial to find the function you were looking for, so we created a function search box (with support for search-as-you-type). With the search box, you just have to start typing the function you are looking for, and it will be highlighted in the function list to the right of the search box. This greatly speeds up finding the function you are looking for.

The function dependency feature is also used in connection with the bulk diff feature of the previous release. When replicating one environment’s parameters to another environment, the files are numbered in the order they need to be applied to the environment taking into account the inter-dependency between the functions. This helps users apply the parameter changes in the correct order, so they don’t have to worry (or even think) about the dependencies between the functions.

MINDSPIRE transport tool screenshot

Finally, we now support the more-and-more widespread practice of banks using self-signed certificates that are not trusted by the client machine’s browsers. Transport can auto-export parameters from FlexCube environments set up with untrusted certificates.

Besides the recent updates in TRANSPORT Tool you can learn more about our Banking Transformation Services.

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